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March 25, 2010

Thank you...

First and foremost...

Thank you, Sonya Clark, Piedmont Writer, and BreiaB for your comments. I intend to write this story as I originally intended to, with Chinese characters.

Although, I did cave and started a second version in which the Hero is non-Chinese in his human form.

I was struggling with this story because of the very issue of ethnic main characters. I didn't want  it to be too Chinese and either be offensive, or give fodder to any fires.

Last night, I had a dream about the story. It was like watching a movie, in which my characters made themselves known to me, and I saw how the story was going to go. The Hero was non-Chinese in my dream, but the heroine was.

I'm going through the plot outline and rewriting parts this morning. I'll go in and rewrite parts of the story as well.

Sometimes, dreams can be rather helpful things. =)


Piedmont Writer said...

Yes, dreams can be very important things. However, there is no such thing as 'too' ethnic. You either are or you're not. You either choose to accept your heritage or you don't.

You must, however, stay true to your story. That is the main goal.

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