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July 26, 2011


Hey, all. I's been FOREVER!

How's things been going with the blogosphere?

Let's catch some things up with my corner of the multiverse, shall we?

I ordered a corset. LOL. I have ALWAYS wanted one and never could find one I could afford that would fit me. As I am a "big girl", I was looking at steel boned corsets well into the $300-$500 range. Until recently.

I found as site that had steel boned and spiral steel boned corsets in an affordable range. I was ecstatic. I had a little money saved up and I spent two, three weeks on this website, hemming and hawing over the choices. After much deliberation and with input from a wonderful friend (Thank you, Morseren!), I decided on an underbust corset for my first one.

It's a long line, underbust, waist training corset in a gorgeous green brocade. I went with a waist trainer because it comes with 24 spiral steel boning, which I thought would have more support for my weight. I'm not in it for the waist training aspect (I'm not going to become a waspie!), but I did want some oomph in my corset.

So, in about a month, I'll have my first corset. I'm thrilled beyond belief and I can't wait! Now, I just need to find a couple of outfits to wear under it. Any suggestions? =)

Secondly, had a health scare over the weekend. My husband had abdominal pains all weekend, which worsened, so on Monday, he took himself to the VA hospital for a check up. They ran x-rays and finally a CT scan, thinking perhaps it was appendicitis. Fortunately (or unfortunately, in his mind), it wasn't appendicitis, but diverticulitis. Basically, they are small bulging sacs or pouches of the inner lining of the intestines that become infected. So, he's on a three day clear liquid diet. Afterwards, he's increasing his fiber and going on a low fat diet. Less red meat, more fruits and veggies...which I've been going after him about for years anyway.

Nurses and doctors make the worse patients, let me tell you.

He wishes it was appendicitis though. They'd have gone in, taken it out, and he'd be fine. Poor man is starving on this clear liquid diet though. LOL. Hey, maybe I'll lose weight since I'm eating the same thing he is, with added fruit and yogurt as he can't have any yet.

Other than that, not much else to report. Life is plodding along. =)