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August 5, 2014

Last week, an old friend invited me to go dancing with her and one of her friends, on Sunday, whose birthday they were celebrating. I hemmed and hawed over it before finally giving in and saying yes. Why did I hem and haw? Because it's been about 17 years since I've been to any sort of club to dance and I have social anxiety. Plus, I'm fat and I don't want to be stared at by a bunch of skinny people looking at me in horror. Social anxiety...gotta love it. NOT.

 And...we went to a club called Kremwerk. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun. But of course, when you play too hard, you pay the piper. I was sicker than a dog before we even left the club, but my friend took me back to her place and put me to bed. I left in the morning feeling all right, head achey, slightly nauseous, but on the way home, got the spins again...and came home to Spike's care, who put me in the shower, made me toast (I took one bite and gave up) made me sip some water, and then I went to sleep off the hangover. I woke up five hours later feeling much better, and finished the toast he left me, but still could not handle regular food as the taste was off. I met so many nice people there...many of which I don't remember their names because I am horrible like that, but we want to make it a once a month thing (without so many lemon drops!) and I'm all for it. I just won't drink so much (see: AT ALL). LOL. Ahh, has been a LONG time since I was that stupid...and it'll be a long time ever again...but I still can go and enjoy myself with the dancing. Yes, I did dance. Liquid courage, but still...I think I could do it without...

 The music was a mix of 80's and 80's industrial...and if you've ever been to the Catwalk in Seattle, it has the same feel. At least, it did to me. We had some industrial gothlings, some quasi Victorian goths, some people dressed in normal street clothes, and it was perfect.

 Gonna take the hubby too...he might not dance, but I will! And I want to make some bustle skirts to wear with my fascinators...and get all gussied up to go. I miss the goth style I had before...and I miss going out.

August 2, 2014

Went to bed last night with a headache brewing. Went on all night. Went to work this morning with a migraine so bad that even turning my head too quickly sent me running to the bathroom with dry heaves. I had half the lights shut off in the kitchen because they were like ice picks stabbing into my brain. Luckily, my awesome honey brought me some coffee, which helped immensely. When the Boss came in, he looked around and was like, "Why are the lights off?" So I told him. He said I better not call out tomorrow or he'll track me down. LOL. I told him if I didn't call out this morning, I won't call out tomorrow. He said, "Way to man up!" about coming in today.

Scottish meat pies and shortbread for lunch today. It must have passed muster as Boss said, "You should have a migraine more often." I asked why, and his reply was, "Your food is better and you're more on top of things."

He was teasing, of course...

I do need to learn to build flavors better, but that comes with experience and trial and error, he said. For someone who's only been a cook since April, I'm on track and doing fine. Now, he's changing the menu a bit to challenge me, make me think and explore a bit with cooking. While I do get a little stressed sometimes, I'm learning to run the kitchen, not let it run me, like Boss reminds me. When I'm slammed with grill orders, I don't freak out...I take them one server at a time. Slower, yes, but the residents don't need their food OMG RIGHT NOW! like they think, and hey, grill orders take 15 minutes to do. So, why should I stress out?

May 30, 2014

Breakfast at work today...


They were a HIT! Even the lead cook liked them (I had saved a bit on the side so I could make him a fresh plate when he came in at 1030am). Gawds, I love playing, exploring, and experimenting in the kitchen!

May 29, 2014


I like how my Boss has a menu printed out for the week, sometimes the month, so we know what we're serving for each meal, but what I like best is the freedom he gives us in order to make these items. If I don't know what an item is, he'll explain it, but other than that, unless he has a specific way he wants something (say for an event or special occasion), he allows his cooks the freedom to find our own recipe, or add our own little touches.

Example: Tiramisu pancakes. He told me to make pancakes, add a little marscapone dollop on top, lightly dust with cocoa powder. Before I left work today, I made some espresso syrup which I'll add to the pancake batter, as well as whip into the marscapone. The pancake batter will get a bit of chocolate flavoring as well...and the maple syrup we'll serve with it will also get a little coffee flavor. As long as we don't deviate from the menu (other than desserts), we're given some freedom to explore. I love that.

Now, if only I could make friends with that stupid convection oven. -.-

May 28, 2014

So, I get to live another year...

Had blood work done. My levels are awesome for a fat chick. First, I better clarify. When I started working at Harbor Place, 2+ years ago, I weight 276 pounds. As of two days ago, I'm at 209 pounds, although i seem to fluctuate between 209 to 212 pounds. Last week, I went in to see a doctor. Technically, it was a followup for my bladder infection and UTI, but I had also wanted to establish a primary care routine. She told me to fast for 10 hours and then come back in the morning, for blood work, and we'll get that rolling since I'd never had anything checked. Heck, hadn't even seen a doctor since my hysterectomy, nearly 10 years ago.

So, I got the results. Everything was on the low end, although I do need to work on my good cholesterol as even that was low (39 when they want to see me at least 49 or above). Bad cholesterol was at 93.0 (they want me under 130) My sodium is at 137 (they want me between 135-145), and my A1C is at 4.8 and they want me under 5.7 (if I was diabetic, they'd want me under 7.0). My glucose was at 70.0 and they want me between 60 to 105 fasting, and 70-114 non fasting. So, I'm trying to get my good cholesterol up. One of the things I found online was refrigerator oatmeal. It is AWESOME! It's so easy to do, no cooking required.

You can do with or without the chia seeds as they are a bit spendy. Mine has the seeds.

Even the hubby and the kidlet loved it. I have a feeling I'm going to need more jars and lids so we ALL can have a quick and easy, yet HEALTHY, breakfast. I grab and go, eating mine at work when I first get there and it lasts me all day (1/2 pint jar). 

Other than that, I'm still working. I'm still a cook. I'm still in the beginning stages of a midlife crisis. 

Now, if only I could find some way to get back into writing again...

April 30, 2014

So, let's catch this baby up, eh?

I started out as a part time, evening shift server at Harbor Place, an upscale retirement home and assisted living facility in Gig Harbor. Less than 9 months after starting, I was promoted to evening shift dining room supervisor, then roughly 9 months after that, i became the sole dining room supervisor. Lo and behold, 9 months after THAT, I was promoted to day shift cook.

I see a pattern...


I am having a blast at being a cook though. It's a tough gig, and the learning curve is rather steep, but because I knew the routine, all he's really doing is teaching me the cooking aspect (which is great as I know how to cook, just learning the fancier stuff), and time management as I not only cook breakfast and lunch for residents, if there are any events (outside groups using our facilities), I have to provide them food as well.

Unfortunately though, this means i have not been able to do any writing. Whenever I start, something happens and I get sidetracked - promotions, extra hours, problems...etc.

However, we also are homeowners. We bought a house in August of 2013, so it's nice to say I own my own home. We can decorate, wander around in skivvies, cook whenever we want, watch movies however loud, dance in the dining room, whatever. Not that I'm complaining...we lived with my parents for two years and it was great. Very communal living - shared chores, bills, cooking, etc...but it's even better to own our own place and not have to worry about renting.

Anyway...that's my update. =)