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May 29, 2014


I like how my Boss has a menu printed out for the week, sometimes the month, so we know what we're serving for each meal, but what I like best is the freedom he gives us in order to make these items. If I don't know what an item is, he'll explain it, but other than that, unless he has a specific way he wants something (say for an event or special occasion), he allows his cooks the freedom to find our own recipe, or add our own little touches.

Example: Tiramisu pancakes. He told me to make pancakes, add a little marscapone dollop on top, lightly dust with cocoa powder. Before I left work today, I made some espresso syrup which I'll add to the pancake batter, as well as whip into the marscapone. The pancake batter will get a bit of chocolate flavoring as well...and the maple syrup we'll serve with it will also get a little coffee flavor. As long as we don't deviate from the menu (other than desserts), we're given some freedom to explore. I love that.

Now, if only I could make friends with that stupid convection oven. -.-


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