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June 29, 2009

Writing Update...

Moonlight and Madness - Chapter Six

Would have been more but I had to stop and do some research on Roman era clothing for the story.

Moonlight and Madness

29% completed.

Slowly, but surely.

Twitter: Removing Blocked

If you look up above this box, you will notice that I use Twitter. While it does have some plusses, it definitely has some draw backs. One of which is either a bug or a new feature of Twitter that NO ONE likes and Twitter has yet to address.

You can block people you don't want to follow you but they remain in your followers' list, which I absolutely, with a passion, cannot stand. When I block them, I want them GONE. Twitter refuses to address this issue, refuses to acknowledge something's wrong with it, and closes out any support tickets in regards to it. That is, if you can find HOW to send them a complaint. Their support page is VERY confusing and contacting them is a pain in the ass.

BUT, there is a way around it and you can do it yourself. It's a pain, a little labor intensive, but it WORKS.

Here goes:

Go to Settings. Scroll down to bottom. Check “Protect My Updates”. Click Save. (Trust me.)

Then, click Followers. All of your followers will come up. Right side of list is a Remove button. Click Remove on each you want gone.

When done cleaning house & you’re happy, click on Settings again. Scroll down and UNCHECK “Protect My Updates. Click Save.

And there you have it. Do this once a week or so to manage that pesky list until Twitter pulls head outta ass and fixes the bug.

There you have it.

Have fun. =)

June 26, 2009


I have a major case of "Suckitis" right now with my writing.

It's where a writer believes their works sucks major suckage and is very tempted to hit the delete button.

I know why I have it too. It stems from:

1. I am not a "novel" writer. I write short stories and novellas, which means I have less time/space for a story to be finished. It's more action paced in something shorter than a novel. In a novel I have "down time" which has to be filled and to me, it seems to drag on FOREVER to try and write.

2. Needing a critique group or a critique partner in which to share, bounce ideas from, get kicked in the head from. This is being rectified as I am going to talk to the Puyallup Library about setting up a writer's group. I meet with the librarian tomorrow.

3. I read a lot of other author's blogs, as well as agent blogs. I am becoming discouraged by what they have to say/share. THEY are successful. What makes me believe I can ever become published with the tripe I write when they have these awesome books published?

4. My internal editor will not shut the hell up. I am borderline obsessive compulsive which tends to make me a perfectionist when it comes to myself and what I do. This is pretty much from growing up not really being accepted amongst my peers. So, I try to do something, be something so that people will want me around, want to be around me. Carrying that over, I'm harder on myself and what I do because I NEED it to be perfect. Typo? I need to fix it. Something doesn't work in a chapter, I NEED to fix it.

An author friend of mine continually (has threatened to have it tattooed on my forehead!) reminded me to JUST WRITE. Don't worry about corrections, don't worry about editing. Just get it finished, then go back. Trust me, it's very difficult for me.

5. My depression and my lack of self confidence, self esteem, makes it very difficult for me to believe my work is any good.

So, add all those up and you get one hell of a messed up mind.

That being all said and done, I will add this.

I WILL finish this story. I'm DETERMINED to finish this story. Even if it sucks major suckage. Even if people read it, look at me oddly, then proceed to hide anything that could possibly be used to write anything else ever again. Even if the men in white coats come and pick me up to take me for a ride.

Still, it's so...sucky...


June 25, 2009


Moonlight & Madness

Word Count Chap #1: 5,662
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035
Word Count Chap #3: 5,420
Word Count Chap #4: 5,190
Word Count Chap #5: 5,730
Word Count Chap #6:
Total Word Count (so far): 28,037

June 24, 2009


Moonlight & Madness

Word Count Chap #1: 5,662
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035
Word Count Chap #3: 5,420
Word Count Chap #4: 5,190
Word Count Chap #5: 2,461 so far
Total Word Count (so far): 24,768

The rant I made on Twitter...

Here, in its entirety...

No, I wouldn't want to follow a "celebrity", like Oprah or Ashton Kutcher unless we had something in common & they actually followed first. I've never been one to follow big names because of their big names. They're just people, same as me. Star status? Big whoop. I've never asked for autographs from those I've met, never treated them differently than any other person. Don't care what they are. Some of them have been total asshats, I've met. Don't care you make millions, don't care you're on the screen. Treat me like a human and I'll do the same to you. I'm not a suck up sycophant and I refuse to be one. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. I met Henry Winkler once, walking down the street of Victoria BC. Was introduced to him, shook hands, said it was a pleasure to meet him, then continued on my way. Never acted like an idiot, never asked for autograph or a picture with him. Less than a minute in his presence. I just cannot understand why some stars demand special treatment or why some fans are bat-guano insane about them. Or worse, the characters they portray, OR the characters they write about. Yes, there are times I will use characters for fantasies...mental vacations...but I don't write fan fiction, or believe they really exist outside of the books, or want to know everything as though they're real people. It's just crazy to me. Ok, ending rant now. Sorry.

Ought to clarify. Never walked up to a celebrity/author on the street/in public for an autograph. Book signings are different.

June 22, 2009



Went down to my Not-So-Helpful local police station to get some questions answered for my book.

Basically, their reply was "It's your novel..."

Well, yes, thanks for pointing that out. I was wondering whose blood, sweat, and tears were all over it! I'd have never known without the brilliant deductions of our city's finest! (/sarcasm)

The only thing he could tell me was: The police and fire marshal work jointly during the investigation and all names provided are investigated.

I guess where I live, there's a SOOPER SEEKRET code of silence sworn by the police so that they can't answer even the most basic of questions.

June 20, 2009


Moonlight & Madness

Word Count Chap #1: 5,662
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035
Word Count Chap #3: 5,420
Word Count Chap #4: 4,639 words so far
Total Word Count (so far): 21,756

Can't finish chapter four until I get some feedback/research questions answered for some police and fire investigation questions. It's killing me! I can't leave it unfinished and move on to chapter five!!


June 19, 2009


Moonlight & Madness

Word Count Chap #1: 5,662
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035
Word Count Chap #3: 5,420
Word Count Chap #4: 2,348 words so far
Total Word Count (so far): 19,465

Calling it a night. My brain is mush and I can't think of an adequate way to describe the nightmare needed for chapter four.



Slow, but surely...

Moonlight & Madness
Word Count Chap #1: 5,662
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035
Word Count Chap #3: 5,420
Total Word Count (so far): 17,117

June 18, 2009

Moonlight and Madness update...

Moonlight & Madness
Word Count Chap #1: 5,662
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035
Word Count Chap #3: 3,751 so far
Total Word Count (so far): 15,448


Did not win the writing contest to get on a Writer's group. Between my writing getting me into the final part, and my questionnaire failing me in an epic proportion, I was not one of the three.

Ahh, well. I'll keep plugging away with my writing and hope I can find a group somewhere close to home, or online.

Pierce County Library system replied to my query about writing groups and told me to go to Tacoma, there was a group that meets at Borders there. No, thanks. The point of contacting them with the query was to find a group close to home, like the South Hill or Sumner branch.

The Puyallup library does not have an adult group but is interested in having one. They can't offer a staff member to help the group, but they can help with providing space and references for helping us, guiding us. I'm actually considering starting a group at the Puyallup library, although I'm not sure for how long as we MAY be moving.

The reply email stated:

1. Work with you around your thoughts about the kind of group to start and where we might advertise

2. Advertise the formation of a group in our newsletter and we provide space. Once a week might be too much, but that could be discussed

3. We would need your help to disseminate the information (fliers at strategic spots)

So, not sure what to do there. I'm not a good leader. I wouldn't know how to run a group. Add in the fact that I have no idea how long I'll be here in this location, you can see the dilemma.

Of course, after receiving the "you lost" email, I received email from someone giving me feedback on my writing.

Dear Isobael.
You are the best writer I have come across here, and in any other site!!!
I love your stories and the supernatural nature is my kind of story.
Thank you so much for your gift.
May your creative genius keep growing!!!
(Name withheld for privacy)

I think the Universe likes to keep balance. One bad, one good.

Now, breakfast is done and back into Lilian and Matthias' spat.


Moonlight & Madness
Word Count Chap #1:
Word Count Chap #2: 6,035

Word Count Chap #3: 1,875 so far
Total Word Count: 13,572 so far

June 16, 2009

I'm not artsy. So, I cheat and use stencils. =)

This is one I did. It's a burgundy background. I used black to stencil the design on. Once that was dry, I gave it a watered bronze brushing and once that was dry, I hand painted the black on over to bold the artwork.

The next one, I haven't decided how to set it. It's black with bronze stenciling. I didn't bother to hand paint over.


I'm thinking the second way looks better.

June 15, 2009

Scene changes/POV changes...

Ok, here's another newbie question...

TV shows and movies have scene changes that clearly indicate a change in POV, even if that time frame is going on at the same time as another's POV, in another scene.

In books, you indicate a scene change with some form of marker. Usually the # mark or * * *.

Now, I've seen where people poo the whole scene change thing, stating it's a change of POV so therefore it should be in its own chapter. Keep the one chapter to one POV and when you change the scene/POV, make it a new chapter.

However, what about if the change of POV has to backtrack a bit in time? Still make it a new chapter or just make the scene separation mark and keep it in the same chapter? Is it possible to make the story have too many # marks in the chapter?


Character is in another city, doing an investigation for her article. She had made waves with a local big wig in the town she lives in and he's trying to find out her real identity.

Bigwig goes to her editor/boss to try and find out her real name (she writes under an assumed name). This would all take place during her drive to the other city.

After Character arrives in other city, Editor calls her to reem her a new one for Bigwig's visit.

Would I go:

Write Character's decision to go to other city, describe describe, mental meanderings, some hints of back story here.


Write about Bigwig going to Editor and reaming him a new one. Make threats and show off how rich and powerful he is, blah blah. This would be in Bigwig's POV since he's one of the main characters.


Editor calls Character and reams HER out for his reaming, etc etc...this would be in her POV, of course.


Trip to other city...get phone call after arrival, it's Editor reaming her out, telling her what happened, etc.

Rest of chapter is her activities in other town, mental meanderings as she processes what she was told, her trip back to hometown to deal with fallout.

Next chapter is Bigwig's POV about his going to Editor to ream him out, his thoughts about failing his mission to get her name...making plans to further his goal in finding her real identity.

The first would be more in sync with a time line. Everything happens in order as it occurred. The second would be more along the lines of the whole "each character's POV in their own chapter and not so much head hopping", even though it backtracks time a bit, then catches up to current.

I've seen both done successfully, but in seasoned, published authors' books and as a beginner, I want to make sure my story is polished. I'm already handicapped for being new...


June 11, 2009

Changing POV from third to first and back again?

GAH! I'm not even sure what this is called other than changing POV...

But I'm writing this story in third person. However, at the end of chapter one, main character agrees to tell the other characters her story to explain what has happened in her life to make her reach the point where she is now.

Since I intend to use the next couple of chapters (tentatively) for her to tell the story, I thought to use first person, since SHE is telling the story... that I think about it, it does seem a bit...pretentious and "newbie" like. Mostly because I've seen it called that, so now I'm doubting myself.

So, should I go ahead with it, with the intention of having a copy of that section written in third person, in case I'm laughed out of the writing field for attempting it, or go ahead and take the first step into doing something different? (At least, different to me. I can't find an example of this and I don't remember reading an example of this.)

Example of changing the POV...

End of chapter one:

"You better start at the beginning."

She pondered her choices. Should she trust them? They HAD taken her in. Finally, she nodded as she sat down.

"All right."

Chapter Two

I met him at the local dive, "The MeatMarket".

Of course, from here on out, it's first person since she's telling them the story/reliving it.

I'm torn between keeping it third person...BUT since it's retelling/reliving for so long, as in it's ONLY in her POV for that chapter or two, it'd end up being one hell of a long dialogue/soliloquy.

See where I'm pulling my hair out? LOL.

OH! And the retelling IS important to the story but I didn't want it to be info-dump/prologue backstory in the beginning of the story. I KNOW that it could be considered info-dump since she's going to be telling it to the guys without them asking questions to break it up...

OOO....I think I just answered my own question. I probably SHOULD keep it third person and have the guys interject with questions and it's not the dreaded info-dump of backstory.


June 9, 2009

I am...

I create the worlds. I populate the worlds. I make the worlds go around.

I create havoc and I create miracles.

I make people laugh, cry, shake their fists with rage, or want to put a gun to their heads. I pull their strings like a puppet master with a marionette.

I color the worlds black, or shine a rainbow over their heads. I make cities rise and fall, wars to begin and end.

I am their Goddess. I am the angel that saves them or the demon that tempts them.

I am a writer.

June 8, 2009

Writing Updates...

Moonlight & Madness
Word Count for this Week:
8,914 total manuscript
Total Word Count: 8,914 total manuscript
Chapters Completed: Two
Outlook for the Week: Plugging away. Have some ideas but weekend was filled with nursing sick child.

Magick & Moonlight
Word Count for this Week:
7,341 total manuscript
Total Word Count: 7,341 total manuscript
Chapters Completed: Two
Outlook for the Week: Plugging away. Have some ideas but weekend was filled with nursing sick child.

June 6, 2009

Something to post...

Since I'm not using the BlackWater Series for anything, no submitting them, not cleaning them up for submitting for publication, not trying to expand them to make them grow from novellas to novels, I've re-submitted them to Literotica and Stories Online for people who've asked/begged/demanded that I return them for their reading enjoyment. They won't be up for reading for a few more days on Literotica though. They take FOREVER to post anything. Stories Online will have them up in a couple of hours.

Heh. I don't think they're that good, although you CAN see the progression of growth in my writing. As little growth is it might be.

ALL stories posted are copyrighted though. =)

Working on three novels at the same time. I'm like ADD or something when it comes to that. I need something to do when I get bored with one...and so I have three to go back and forth on. I'm concentrating on ONE in particular, but the other two are there for stand ins when I need a mental down time from the ONE.

So far, I've broken 5,425 words in chapter one and completed. Chapter two is what I'm working on now and so far, is 1,740 words. Not too bad considering the Pixie-Brat is sick and is in constant need of mothering. She's very much like her father in that she needs attention when ill. Not me. I want to be left alone to die in peace. Especially since I KNOW that when I'm better, I have a horrendous mess to clean up from the husband and kid because they were left unsupervised. That and they just don't know how to deal with me when I'm sick. The world falls apart when I'm sick and they can't figure out how to put it back together.

Note to self: In my next life, be sure to find a man who's like Thorin or Damien. Alpha male, yet still romantic and caring.

June 2, 2009



<©2002 SLM>

Calling from the depths of a vast abyss
Can you hear me calling out?
Slipping away, I'm losing myself
Drowning in my fears and doubts

I'm standing in a crowded room
Yet I feel so isolated and alone
I'm screaming to be heard in the silence
Dreading forever being unknown

I feel like I'm invisible
And no one can hear me scream
I can't break the spell I'm under
I can't wake from this dream

I feel like I'm invisible
And no one seems to care
I can't seem to shatter my prison
Slowly withering in despair