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November 19, 2010

Putting on my ranty hat...

I don't care if you're a god/dess, the president of the US, or a monarch of a sovereign country. There is NO excuse for being rude to me.
Opened an email this morning in which I was berated and threatened if I didn't remove their address from a mailing group on Google.
I would like to know why I am recieving e-mails from this group. I did
not register or sign up to be a part of this group. If I am registered
with this group, I demand that I be removed from this group
immediately or i will take further action, including legal action if
it is necessary. Have a nice day.
Aghast, I immediately opened up Google groups and checked the members list. Hmm...their email was not listed. I checked the banned list, the spam list, pending members. No, no, and no.
All righty then. I then checked the settings in case there was something there I was not aware of. The group is closed and members have to be invited and/or added by me. No one can just join, or add someone's email to join.
Having gone without my cup of morning coffee, and on the low end of my blood sugar level, I hit reply.
Dear Name Removed For Privacy,

Unless your name is Name, Name, Name, or Isobael, you are not a member of this group. Your address <> is not listed anywhere on the member's list.

Since you have to be added by me, I have no idea how you're receiving messages.

Secondly, demanding anything is rude. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I do not respond to demands or threats. If you have a problem, maybe you should politely inquire about it rather than throwing a tantrum. I've seen two year olds behave better.

Take it up with Google since you're not on my members list.

Have a nice day.
What is with people these days? Just because it's email, or a digital forum, does not give people the right to be rude, demanding, threatening, or bullying. It seems like I come across this more and more.
I probably should have some coffee before someone sets me off and I end up writing them into my manuscript as a victim of a horrifyingly bloody murder. 
/end ranting