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August 21, 2010

Catching up with Isobael...

I know, I know. It's been a while since I last posted, but we've run into some recent...issues...personal wise.

Our landlords are putting the house up for sale so we're in a scramble to find a place to live.

So you can see where I have a good excuse for not posting. Heck, for not even writing. My writing has been almost non existent as of late. Frustrating and depressing, but my brain has not been in the writing mode.

I have the first four chapters outlined and I actually like what I see...but...

Yeah, you get it.

So, there you go. Forgive me? =)

August 8, 2010


This past week, my family hosted my BFF for vacation. It was a little hairy even before she left home, but it was a blast and I was very sorry to see her leave last night.

Let's see...

Her flight was cancelled due to weather. Of course, United didn't tell anyone WHY the flight was cancelled, only that it was. So she called me to let me know. The only other flight out of Roanoke wasn't until later in the evening, but it was booked full. They were going to put her on another flight which would leave on Friday morning. Hell, no. We got her listed on standby for the second flight while Spike was on the phone with United and Expedia (both of which did nothing) while I was hitting travel sites online to see what else there was. I found a flight leaving Roanoke to Atlanta, and from Atlanta to Seattle, which had three seats left open. I told her to go to the United desk and see if they can get you on that flight. United didn't even know about that flight! Needless to say, they booked her on the Roanoke to Atlanta to Seattle flight and she was only three hours later than her original arrival time. At 11:40 pm, I got to see my BFF after three years.

Friday morning, we relaxed some. Later that evening, we went to the Highland Games Opening Ceremony, in which we did a little sight seeing, meeting a few people, and sang Scottish songs before the Saltire.

Saturday, we went back to the Games for the day. It was a day of yummy men in kilts and sightseeing the shops. BFF tried haggis. She didn't like it much. LOL. Spike was able to wear my Dad's spare kilt (in our Ancient colors), and he bought me an outfit. We plan to purchase him a kilt and an arisaidh for me in the Ancient colors.

Sunday wasn't much. Relaxed a bit.

Monday, we went to Shipwreck Beads (OOoo! shiny!), shooting, and then Ocean Shores. BFF really wanted to see a sunset over the water, but it was overcast so no sunset. We had a nice stroll on the beach and collected pretty little rocks.

Tuesday, we did some relaxing. Had some errands, and then headed to my parents ti visit.

Wednesday, Seattle. Picked up my Mom and we hit The Great Wall Mall in Kent first, to get some snacks. BFF can't get her favorite little treat in Roanoke, so she had to fly all the way out here to get it. LOL. She also got to try Boba Tea! Then, $17 in parking later, we spent FOUR hours in Pike Place. I don't think I've ever spent that long in Pike Place before (usually because I'm with someone who has no time or patience to spend that long to look at the shops...).

Thursday, we hit Mt. Rainier National Park. It was HOT...but oh so beautiful. I hadn't been there since I was a kid. BFF tried to get me to walk up the mountain, LOL...but I'm too out of shape, so we didn't get very far up. We did take a path to Myrtle Falls though, at 5600 feet (I think...either 5600 or 5700 feet).

Friday, it was just BFF and I. We ditched Spike and Brat. We had intended to go to Shipwreck Beads but traffic was the crap so we headed to Half Price Books by the Tacoma Mall. We then hit Cost Plus World Market (one of my FAVE stores!) and then headed back to Puyallup, and hit Michael's. Afterwards, we sat at Starbucks and chatted while enjoying our much deserved coffees.

Saturday, BFF and I tried Shipwreck Beads once more. This time, we made it down there. Three hours later, we walked out with our shopping gains and came home. she made Pixie-Brat an opal chip necklace and made me a jade and lapis necklace. I made her a wire tree.

All good things must come to an end, though. We took her to the airport to catch her flight home. I cried, of course...I didn't want to see my BFF leave! is a slide show of the pics from her vacation here.

Now, it's back to work. I have a novel to write and one in the works.