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About Me...

About Isobael Liu...

Even at a young age, Isobael Liu had a notebook and pen in hand. During regular classes, she'd be scribbling story ideas on her class notes. During choir, she'd be scribbling story plots on her music sheet. Isobael is a writer, through and through.

A deep love of the romance genre, Isobael turned her attention to writing romantic stories, but her true love was the paranormal. Growing up, she'd heard the legends, myths, and ghost stories of her Taiwanese heritage, as well as the Western world's from her Scottish American heritage. With deep and abiding respect to both heritages, she began researching those things that went "bump in the night" and an obsession was created.

Turning her writing to include the newfound obsession, Isobael has penned short stories, novellas, and now novels that include some form of her fascination, from vampires to werewolves, faeries to ghosts, magick, and even a smattering of psychic abilities.

When she’s not writing, Isobael can be found working with a raptor on her falconry license, crocheting, or having tea parties with her daughter. She can also be found in the kitchen, cooking up some treats, like home baked scones!

Isobael makes her home in Washington State, is happily married, and has one daughter. She's currently owned by two dogs, and a Harris Hawk, and a praying mantis that just laid eggs!

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Isobael Liu
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FAQs About Isobael...

Is Isobael Liu your real name? How is it pronounced?
No. Well, sort of. Isobael (Is-Oh-Bell) is a Scottish spelling of a name I’ve always loved. My first short story’s heroine was named Isobael, and she was my role playing character’s name. The character became so popular that people would ask me to play her! Liu (Lou) is Chinese and my middle name. I’m honoring both my heritages by using names from each.

Who is Isobael Liu?
I’m a mother of one daughter, a wife, a falconer, a writer, a role player.

When and why did you begin writing?
I first began writing when I was in junior high. Most of my writing was poetry at the time, but I had started to write some short fiction, although I don’t have any left. This was before everyone had computers. I’d write on breaks, at lunch, during classes, even choir class. It was pretty much to fill the void of loneliness and alleviate symptoms of Depression and SAD (social anxiety disorder).

Who encouraged you or what made you decide to write a novel and seek publication?
When I started writing, I wrote because I wanted to, had to. I’d let my friends read what I had written and their encouragement helped me to continue. My parents encouraged me to write. My English instructors in school were huge in encouraging me. One of my dreams was to become published, but I never thought my writing was good enough to try. It wasn’t until I started posting some of my short stories online did I realize perhaps I did have some talent. When my readers and fans told me they were surprised I wasn’t a published author, I started to get serious about fulfilling my life-long goal and here I am.

Where do you get your ideas?
Everywhere! Dreams, nightmares, the conversations I overhear at the grocery store checkout line, and the “What if X were to meet Y, but X is this…and Y is…?”

Do we "see" some of you in your characters?
To some extent, I’d like to think I’ve put some of me into my characters. At the very least, aspects of what I wish I could do or be are in my characters.

Tell us a little about the community you’re building through your blogs.
Right now, just getting started, I’m trying to build a community of writers, baby writers, the next generation of writers who want to follow their dreams of being published but lack the self confidence, or maybe they just don’t know what to do. My blog is there to not only to tell people what I’m going through in my journey to being published, but also how I feel about it, my thoughts on it, as well as any tips I’ve found that works, and random thoughts to get me through my journey. I also include recipes, updates with my life, other hobbies. It isn’t just about my book(s) or writing. I want to connect with people and with SAD and Depression, sometimes my blog or online forums are the only way for me to do so.

You mentioned Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression, how long have you had them and what do you do to overcome them?
I’ve had Depression since I was in junior high or high school, back in the days when it was thought to be just hormones or teenage angst. I think my SAD started to develop during those times as well. A lot of it had to do with the peer aspect of the small town I grew up in. There were not a lot of minorities and when you are a minority in a small town, you had to have some things going for you if you wanted to be popular, such as money, connections, or held some sort of status in school (cheerleader/jock).

Even to this day, there are times I really have to force myself to leave my house and go out in public. SAD makes it so that we believed we are constantly being watched, stared at, and judged. When I do go out alone, it’s in and out of the store. There’s no dawdling, there’s no window shopping. If I go out to meet people, I always take someone I know as a support system.

The best way for me to overcome it is to actually go out and do it. It’s not easy, and sometimes just going to the book store to browse books, without talking to anyone, is a step in the right direction. If I can talk to someone, if I can have a conversation with someone, then it’s an awesome day in my book!

Where do you go when you need to recharge?
My kitchen! No, really. I love to cook. Even if it’s just baking up some home baked scones to go with tea, it helps to recharge me. A hot shower is also another way I recharge. When I’m stuck in a plot hole, a hot shower helps me to relax and think of options. Believe it or not, a cemetery will also help me as well. I love to record EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and a slow stroll through a cemetery with a digital voice recorder helps me to relax.

Do your book(s)s have a HEA (Happily-Ever-After)?
Of course! What’s a romance without the HEA?

What are your heroes and heroines alike?
Like ordinary people, except with extraordinary abilities. Just because they have special abilities doesn’t make them Gods and Goddesses. They all have their own quirks, their vulnerabilities, and their weaknesses.

What do you like most about being a writer?
The ability to create my version of the world, my heroes and heroines, people I would want to see grow and become better. I like writing, creating, or destroying.

In which genres do you write? Do you consider writing in other genres, too?
I write Romance with a paranormal leaning. I think I’ll always include something paranormal in my romances, be it Time Travel, Faeries, Shifters, or Vampires. I might branch out into Historical Romances, although I tend to get caught up in the research too much. It’s too much fun researching my favorite time period, Victorian!

Does reader’s feedback help you with your writing? Is feedback something that is very important to you?
I love reader feedback! I might not follow every piece of advice, but feedback tells me people are reading my stories and it keeps me writing.

What made you choose romance as your genre?
I’ve always loved romances, especially the historical. It was a natural jump from reading to writing.

What was your first story being published?
I have an e-book coming out from Lyrical Press. The release date is May 3rd, 2010.

What kinds of books do you read and who are your favorites?
Romances, historical romances, paranormal romances – see a pattern here?

What do you do when you aren’t writing?
Researching the Victorian Era, crocheting, cooking, baking, and catching up on all the housework and chores I put off to write, flying my raptor for my falconry license, and reading!