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February 26, 2011

Tarot Cards...

In the beginning of my searching for a spiritual path, I came across some amazing art and it drew me like nothing else had.

I can remember the piece.
Isis and Osiris, by Susan Seddon Boulet
I bought a few prints of Susan Seddon Boulet's Goddess Art and cherished them. I need to frame and hang them, but for now, they remain safe in my hope chest.

When Spike found out about his impending NCLEX test, we ran to Half Price Books. As he searched through the Nursing books, I made my way through the metaphysical section and found they sold tarot cards. Scanning through them, I nearly fell from the step stool in excitement!

48 beautiful cards with her artwork! Even better, after I bought it and took it home, I found an extra card inside.

The Athena card. I gave it to my daughter as it seemed very fitting.

From a website:

The art of the divine feminine is explored in and enriched by the paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet in the Goddesses Knowledge Cards. This popular artist hails originally from Brazil. Some 48 of her visions of female deities from Greece, Rome, Egypt, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Native American traditions and more are available sturdy deck of Goddesses Knowledge Cards. Brief biographies of the featured goddesses compiled by Michael Babcock are featured on the flip side. As you read the text you become aware of the power of the feminine and begin to recognize it in yourself. You start to picture your place in the divine feminine collective unconscious. The insightful art of Boulet cements the vision of the goddess in your memory as you go through the Goddesses Knowledge Cards.

Boulet found her inspiration in the myths of the world, Jungian psychology, global spiritual traditions and poetry. She was particularly attracted to the goddesses of the different mythologies. Boulet combined her source materials with her love of nature and animals, creating visions that inspire, inform and delight the eye. San Francisco Bay Area writer Michael Babcock was Boulet’s friend and shared her passion for archetypes. His insightful text adds depth to Boulet’s artistic vision and her captivating portraits of goddesses from around the world in the Goddesses Knowledge Cards. This is a card deck that will satisfy you on multiple levels.

It's not a normal tarot deck, but it can be used for intuition or searching one's inner self.

 I also found Egyptian Tarot (U.S. Games). Not as detailed or pretty as most other decks, but they felt comfortable when I picked up the deck. ( One thing I don't particularly like about it is they don't have the inverse meanings to the cards.

February 15, 2011

My "Bat Cave" - work in progress

So, we have a 1972 Prowler trailer in my parents' driveway. We'd purchased it to stay in for a brief time while we waited for the rental house to get cleaned up. The rental house took longer to get ready and with the personal problems that happened, we ended up moving in with my parents to help them out, as well as help us out.

So this trailer has been sitting in their driveway, used as part storage and

I recently decided to clean it up and use it as a personal getaway/office/writing cave.

 As you can see from the above pictures - these are before.

After of the writing area. This is where I'll be setting up my laptop for writing.

The stove works, but the sink does not. The plank of wood over the sink is to extend the counter space. I can light the stove and heat hot water for tea. =)

The pull out bed area, pushed in with the futon mattress to make a cozy sitting area for chatting or reading.
I'm going to find some throws to toss onto the futon, put in a little rug in front of the door.

February 14, 2011

(¯`•.¸¸.->♥ ♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ <-.¸¸.•´¯)

February 8, 2011


As posted before, I've been working on a new project with my Mom.

Mom crochets, those doilies and bedspreads (eventually I will get her to crochet a shawl!), but it had been a while since she picked up string and hook. When she saw I was sewing reticules, she asked about them. I showed her pictures of various kinds and she saw the crocheted ones. *Grin*

So, we went through some old doilies she had packed away from 20+ years ago to see what we could do with them and she started to crochet again.

I make the inner liner and we attach them. Here are some we just finished.

This one Mom just finished crocheting.

Experimental crochet

With liner pinned in.

Liner hand tacked inside.

Unfinished, but this is the outside.


Finished - open.

Finished - closed.

This was crocheted many years ago, made for the arms of the sofa or chair.

Burgundy taffeta pouch, each piece hand tacked onto the pouch.