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February 15, 2011

My "Bat Cave" - work in progress

So, we have a 1972 Prowler trailer in my parents' driveway. We'd purchased it to stay in for a brief time while we waited for the rental house to get cleaned up. The rental house took longer to get ready and with the personal problems that happened, we ended up moving in with my parents to help them out, as well as help us out.

So this trailer has been sitting in their driveway, used as part storage and

I recently decided to clean it up and use it as a personal getaway/office/writing cave.

 As you can see from the above pictures - these are before.

After of the writing area. This is where I'll be setting up my laptop for writing.

The stove works, but the sink does not. The plank of wood over the sink is to extend the counter space. I can light the stove and heat hot water for tea. =)

The pull out bed area, pushed in with the futon mattress to make a cozy sitting area for chatting or reading.
I'm going to find some throws to toss onto the futon, put in a little rug in front of the door.


Theeo123 said...

if you don't follow them alread you might want to check out lifehacker
they have a TON of articles about maximizing the use of smaller workspaces and offices,
great space savers, and great money saving ideas too

morseren said...

It's so great to see you have your own space for writing and getting away from the daily stress of life:)

I hope you enjoy it to the maximum.


Isobael Liu said...

Thanks, Theo!

Morseren, thanks! I'm hoping it helps!

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