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April 20, 2011


When someone complains about other people showing them disrespect, and whines about how they're treated, then turns around and does the same exact thing to another person, the same thing they complained about, then I have no sympathy for them, and they've just lost all respect from me.

Well, maybe not all. After all, we are all people, living, feeling beings, and in that, we all deserve some degree of respect. After all, no one truly knows the experiences and the suffering another person has been through, and because they live, suffer, they deserve some respect.

Still, after all the time they spent complaining about how they're treated, only to turn around and treat another person exactly what they decried, what am I suppose to think? Or feel...?

To respect someone means you acknowledge someone or something has value. We may not always agree with it, but we must respect what it is that they say. Many times, we unfairly judge others or their views.  We're insensitive to others' thoughts and feelings. We don't give them the time or attention they deserve. We may rudely interrupt or talk over them. We may begin to argue with them, negate their thoughts or opinions because we don't believe it, or refuse to listen to another side.

To simplify, to respect someone means you take their feelings, thoughts, needs, ideas, and preferences into consideration before we open our mouths (or use our fingers) in response to what was said or done. It means you value their thoughts and feelings, even if you don't agree with them, because we are entitled to our own thoughts, and feelings. It means being truthful, and accepting their differences.

And when you disrespect me, I'm sorry you felt you had to. I'm sorry your mental state was such that you had to sink to such lows. I forgive you, even if you don't ask for forgiveness.

But forgiving you doesn't mean I condone your actions. I can forgive someone & yet have nothing to do with them again. It doesn't mean I'm holding a grudge, it means I've forgiven & I've let go.

April 12, 2011

Bad Blogger...

I know, I's been a while since I posted anything. I guess it's because I haven't really thought of anything worth posting.

Let's catch up.

Spike graduated from his LPN course. He took his NCLEX test and passed, so he's now a licensed nurse. Currently, he's working for the Enumclaw School District. They have him hired on full time to cover for another nurse, until the end of the school year. We're not entirely sure what we'll do at the end of the school year, if he'll find another job for the summer or not go back to the district. I especially do not like the fact that their payday is at the end of the month. It's very hard to live for the month when you get paid at the end of it.

Still ripping words from my soul onto the laptop. I've finally just trashed what I had and outlined for current project. I'm finding the words aren't coming like they used to and I'm never happy with what I've done. I'd hoped to have this story done by now, but there are so many distractions going on in my life, it's nearly impossible for me to just sit down and write. However, I am still working on it, a few words here and there, so we'll see.

Had a strange dream last night. I was following someone I knew (I knew her in the dream), and we went swimming in what was a pool at first. As we were swimming, it became an indoor pool in a small room. There was a guy in there and he tried to drown me. I woke up.

Been listening to meditation audios. Currently, it's been Jack Kornfield's Buddhist Meditation for Beginners. Anyone interested in Buddhism or meditation, I recommend Mr. Kornfield. His speaking manner is lighthearted, instructional, and yet punctuated with humor to keep you interested and awake. I really enjoy his method. I'm looking into getting his books as well.

Apparently, there is no such thing as a plus sized Chinese woman as I cannot find blouses that come in my size, nor can I find decent patterns. I may have to use one of my childhood shirts to draft a workable pattern and go from there, but I'm not that skilled as a seamstress yet.

I've decided to order from Upton Teas as soon as I have the spare cash to do so. They look like an excellent company with comparable prices to what SpecialTeas offered. The options are there as well.

Anyway, so there we are. An update. =)