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March 24, 2011

OH, NO!!!

I just found out my favorite tea supplier went away, bought out by/merged with Teavana. They'd been supplying teas to Teavana, from what I understand...Teavana just changes the name or whatever to their own name.

I was NOT going to go to Teavana. I dislike places that tout how nice they are, how friendly they are, how great of a place to work they are...and have their associates push for sales. They're given a sales goal for the month. Really? I mean, are you a large box store like...well, we won't name them because I refuse to shop there anymore after the crap they pulled with my mother.

But...I went there today. I wanted some Earl Grey de la Creme, oh, sorry...Teavana calls it Earl Grey Creme *rolls eyes*.

The sales lady, or maybe she was the manager, oh, sorry...TEAM LEADER...and I told her I'd heard about Teavana's acquisition or whatever of SpecialTeas. She was like, "Why is everyone saying that? I've had so many customers come in and tell me they used to buy from SpecialTeas and they heard we bought them out or took over the company or something. I've never heard that and I would have heard about it because they send us memos and emails and newsletters."

So I tried to tell her about what I found out and she was adamant that Teavana has had these teas forever and they've never bought them from SpecialTeas. Teavana makes their own teas and they have similar teas as other places, but these are their own names and blends.

Lifting a brow at her, I just shook my head. I wasn't about to get into an argument with her about it. However, I did end up buying a couple of ounces of three different teas, one being my Earl Grey de la Creme...oh, sorry...Earl Grey Creme...*rolls eyes*...but they charged $4.50 for 2 ounces whereas I remember paying just a tad bit more for 4 ounces at SpecialTeas.

Apparently, someone else in another state got the same song and dance from their local Teavana store in maybe Teavana told their employees to give customers the same song and dance number if asked? Who knows. all I know is I am not a happy camper about the whole mess.

Apparently, this acquisition/merger/buy out has been a hush hush thing...

Anyway, I will NOT be spending any more of my money at Teavana after this little trip. I'll find somewhere else to spend my money and feed my tea habit.

So, the search is on for an alternate tea source.

Do you drink tea and where do you get it? =)