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October 15, 2012

Almost a year since my last post...

Wow, it's been a while. Time sure does fly when one is busy, yes?

In any case, I last posted that I might be rejoining the work force. This is true. I was hired in late December at a retirement home and assisted living community as a server in their dining rooms. I started working January 2012. As of September 1st 2012, I was promoted to evening shift Supervisor to improve the working conditions and morale of the servers. We had a supervisor, but she made working conditions difficult and the servers constantly fought her. She was not a team player and the crew did not respect her in any way. After 8 months of it, I finally sat down and wrote a four page email to my boss and had started to seriously look for another job. A week later, I was made supervisor, she was moved to Day shift, and morale has improved greatly. Now, I need to fine tune the servers, to watch for details, etc.

Very difficult to do because they are kids. For many of them, this is their first job, and most of them are in or just out of high school. Still, they are a good crew and once their enthusiasm is up and going, work is fun and they do well.

Day crew is now losing a server due to the supervisor and I've heard grumbling of the others wanting to leave or looking for other jobs.

Due to life, with moving and sharing a household, a job, and other life ups and downs, writing has become nearly non existent. I've started projects but ended up putting them aside. I think my life has settled enough and my writer's block has started to loosen and crumble, that I might be able to write again. Not much, and I really need to figure out a schedule and routine, but I've picked up a project I started a while ago and never got into.

We'll see how it goes.