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April 30, 2014

So, let's catch this baby up, eh?

I started out as a part time, evening shift server at Harbor Place, an upscale retirement home and assisted living facility in Gig Harbor. Less than 9 months after starting, I was promoted to evening shift dining room supervisor, then roughly 9 months after that, i became the sole dining room supervisor. Lo and behold, 9 months after THAT, I was promoted to day shift cook.

I see a pattern...


I am having a blast at being a cook though. It's a tough gig, and the learning curve is rather steep, but because I knew the routine, all he's really doing is teaching me the cooking aspect (which is great as I know how to cook, just learning the fancier stuff), and time management as I not only cook breakfast and lunch for residents, if there are any events (outside groups using our facilities), I have to provide them food as well.

Unfortunately though, this means i have not been able to do any writing. Whenever I start, something happens and I get sidetracked - promotions, extra hours, problems...etc.

However, we also are homeowners. We bought a house in August of 2013, so it's nice to say I own my own home. We can decorate, wander around in skivvies, cook whenever we want, watch movies however loud, dance in the dining room, whatever. Not that I'm complaining...we lived with my parents for two years and it was great. Very communal living - shared chores, bills, cooking, etc...but it's even better to own our own place and not have to worry about renting.

Anyway...that's my update. =)