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November 18, 2016

New Project!

So, this morning we went out to a former co-worker's place (mine...she's a current co-worker of Jerimy's), to try and trap what we believe to be a Sharpy or perhaps a coops, who's been picking off her pullets (teen chickens). We set up a trap...and watch from her kitchen window...a kitchen window belonging to a house that was built in the late 1800's - not quite a Victorian, but too early to be a Craftsman - Craftsman style but still had many of the Victorian elements and rooms. It's a fixer, but you can see the beauty of the bones and once she's done, she's gonna be GORGEOUS. I fell in love with it when I walked inside! 

Anyway...instead of bringing home an accipiter, we brought home a new project for me. This door...oh, this door...the three center areas are carved out in this design, as you can see from the pictures. With some sweat equity and a new stain, I'm going for a red - not a dark cherry like I'd normally go for, and maybe some gold leafing in those center pieces, and a final finish to seal it all, it's going to become a desk top in my office/parlour. We're going to get a piece of plexi for the top to protect it and yet still show off the decorative elements. 

I'm so stinking excited, it's not even funny. This door/tabletop is gonna be drop dead sexy when we're done...and it's perfect for the Victorian era look I want to do this room in.

November 17, 2016


If I had a million dollars, I'd...

Heck, I'd be happy with $50,000...but since I was given a budget of a mill, here goes...

1. Pay off my bills - house, vehicles, that we're caught up and not struggling. We'll say $200,000 for this.

2. Put money aside for my daughter as an inheritance, let it collect interest. We'll say $100,000.

3. Pay off my parents' house and bills, so they can actually enjoy retirement and not have to worry about money. We'll say $200,000...maybe $300,000 as I'm not sure what they have left owing.

4. Give a little to my brother and sister. We'll say $25,000 each.

5. Put money aside for my husband's retirement, and some aside for my retirement. We'll say $100,000 each put in some form of interest collecting accounts. Separate, of course.

The $150,000 left is for vacations, investing, living off of, bills, gifts...

November 14, 2016

I never told him...

Did you ever like/have a crush on someone but never told them?

Yes. OMG, yes.

He was my best friend, we could talk and talk...or we could sit beside each other in total silence and it was still the most comfortable thing. He played the piano and sang, I'm musically challenged and couldn't carry a tune if it was put in a bucket with a tightly sealed lid.

We role played...Rifts, TMNT, AD&D, with our group of friends...

He was a year ahead in school, but we had senior year together and graduated together because he spent a year overseas in Germany, for a foreign exchange program.

He loved my mom's cooking...and wasn't afraid to try something new.

He was so far beyond me in intelligence, but he never made me feel stupid.

I loved him dearly, but never told him, and when he tragically died, I lost the chance.

November 13, 2016

Five Things That Make Me Very Happy...

1. Tea
Need I say more? Really, I'm absolutely bonkers for tea. I love a good tea store, online or otherwise, and can happily plunk down more money than I should to buy my favorite teas. Don't even get me started on tea sets and other supplies!

2. Falconry
I adore this obsession. To take a wild bird, have it accept you as a hunting partner, and to go out together, hunting, and catching prey, is a rush.

3. Paranormal Romances
Does this even need an explanation?!?

4. Camping
This is my chance to regroup, relax, and unwind from modern day. Away from the computer, away from the phone, just myself (and family), the river, the woods, a campfire...THE QUIET.

5. Antique Stores
If you think I'm bad in a tea store, you should see me in an antique store! I could (and have) spend hours meandering the aisles of antique stores, perusing items, waiting for something to jump up and scream my name.

What five things make you happy?

November 10, 2016

My Favorite Drink...

I'd have to say tea is my favorite drink. Black tea, or flavored black tea, would be my ultimate fave. I do not like green or white teas, and do NOT get me started on Rooibos (it's NOT tea!).

Seattle's own Market Spice, in Pike Place makes an excellent Cinnamon Orange tea that is to DIE for. You don't even need to sweeten it (naturally sweetened); I just add milk.

I'm also very fond of spiced chai, which is what I was drinking in the first picture. Sugar and milk and YUM!

No lemon for my tea, thank you. I much prefer milk and sugar, depending on the tea.

If I can't go to a tea shop to get my loose leaf teas (I only use bags when I must, or when I make sweet tea, or iced tea), I order from Adagio. Excellent teas, a good selection, fair prices, and a reward program that everyone could easily use.

November 8, 2016

Returning to writing...I think I'm ready.

I think I'm at a point in my life where I can carve out some time to write now. So, starting today, I'm going to try to make a daily post. 

Today's blog post...a picture of me and 15 interesting facts.

1. I love tea. I love tea ceremonies, and the Victorian afternoon teas. I collect loose leaf teas and tea paraphernalia. I'll even put on afternoon teas for the family or close friends, cooking and baking the treats for tea.

2. I am a licensed falconer. Currently, I fly a Harris Hawk named Keeva.

3. I still listen to the music of my childhood - the 80's. =) I dislike modern music and prefer New Wave, Goth, and Electronica from the 80's. Sirius XM Satellite radio has been the best thing since sliced bread to feed my need for music.

4. I'm spiritual, not religious. I prefer a more Earth based, natural spirituality, without the pomp and circumstance and all the trappings organized religion calls for. I have less rules, less scare tactics, less punishment, less guilt.

5. I love to record EVPs. I'm not part of any ghost hunting group, due to time constraints and lack of local groups, but I do record EVPs on my own and have some great responses.

6. Along the lines of #5, I am a firm believer of spirits, ghosts, and the afterlife. I've had too many personal experiences and family stories to not believe.

7. I LOVE to roleplay. I used to do it all the time, but life got in the way and now, I just reread the logs to get my fix.

8. I adore fountain pens. I own one, use it occasionally, but I will window shop for them. The bolder the better, to write with.

9. I used to be terrified of cemeteries. Really. One day, our neighbor who was watching my siblings and me, stopped by a local cemetery and I refused to get out of the car at first. After some coaxing (about 30 minutes of such), she finally got me out of the car and made a game of who can find the oldest headstone. I think that hour of wandering the headstones clinched my paranormal obsession.

10. I am introverted. I also have social anxiety and Depression. There are days you couldn't drag me out of the house, and some days I feel all right enough to leave the house for socializing. I do not like to go to a strange place to meet strangers without having a support buddy with me, usually a close friend I know and trust, or my husband, present for the first few times.

11. I can't dance. Really...I suck at it. I look like a floundering, beached whale.

12. I collect Guan Yin statues and artwork.

13. Eventually, my office will be turned into a Victorian-esque parlour, for not only writing, but for reading and relaxing, complete with tea cabinet and kettle for serving tea.

14. I collect boxes. Those boxes that look like books. Boxes to put things in and organize with.

15. I can trace my paternal side of the family back to the 1100's.