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November 18, 2016

New Project!

So, this morning we went out to a former co-worker's place (mine...she's a current co-worker of Jerimy's), to try and trap what we believe to be a Sharpy or perhaps a coops, who's been picking off her pullets (teen chickens). We set up a trap...and watch from her kitchen window...a kitchen window belonging to a house that was built in the late 1800's - not quite a Victorian, but too early to be a Craftsman - Craftsman style but still had many of the Victorian elements and rooms. It's a fixer, but you can see the beauty of the bones and once she's done, she's gonna be GORGEOUS. I fell in love with it when I walked inside! 

Anyway...instead of bringing home an accipiter, we brought home a new project for me. This door...oh, this door...the three center areas are carved out in this design, as you can see from the pictures. With some sweat equity and a new stain, I'm going for a red - not a dark cherry like I'd normally go for, and maybe some gold leafing in those center pieces, and a final finish to seal it all, it's going to become a desk top in my office/parlour. We're going to get a piece of plexi for the top to protect it and yet still show off the decorative elements. 

I'm so stinking excited, it's not even funny. This door/tabletop is gonna be drop dead sexy when we're done...and it's perfect for the Victorian era look I want to do this room in.


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