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November 14, 2016

I never told him...

Did you ever like/have a crush on someone but never told them?

Yes. OMG, yes.

He was my best friend, we could talk and talk...or we could sit beside each other in total silence and it was still the most comfortable thing. He played the piano and sang, I'm musically challenged and couldn't carry a tune if it was put in a bucket with a tightly sealed lid.

We role played...Rifts, TMNT, AD&D, with our group of friends...

He was a year ahead in school, but we had senior year together and graduated together because he spent a year overseas in Germany, for a foreign exchange program.

He loved my mom's cooking...and wasn't afraid to try something new.

He was so far beyond me in intelligence, but he never made me feel stupid.

I loved him dearly, but never told him, and when he tragically died, I lost the chance.