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November 10, 2016

My Favorite Drink...

I'd have to say tea is my favorite drink. Black tea, or flavored black tea, would be my ultimate fave. I do not like green or white teas, and do NOT get me started on Rooibos (it's NOT tea!).

Seattle's own Market Spice, in Pike Place makes an excellent Cinnamon Orange tea that is to DIE for. You don't even need to sweeten it (naturally sweetened); I just add milk.

I'm also very fond of spiced chai, which is what I was drinking in the first picture. Sugar and milk and YUM!

No lemon for my tea, thank you. I much prefer milk and sugar, depending on the tea.

If I can't go to a tea shop to get my loose leaf teas (I only use bags when I must, or when I make sweet tea, or iced tea), I order from Adagio. Excellent teas, a good selection, fair prices, and a reward program that everyone could easily use.


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