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November 13, 2016

Five Things That Make Me Very Happy...

1. Tea
Need I say more? Really, I'm absolutely bonkers for tea. I love a good tea store, online or otherwise, and can happily plunk down more money than I should to buy my favorite teas. Don't even get me started on tea sets and other supplies!

2. Falconry
I adore this obsession. To take a wild bird, have it accept you as a hunting partner, and to go out together, hunting, and catching prey, is a rush.

3. Paranormal Romances
Does this even need an explanation?!?

4. Camping
This is my chance to regroup, relax, and unwind from modern day. Away from the computer, away from the phone, just myself (and family), the river, the woods, a campfire...THE QUIET.

5. Antique Stores
If you think I'm bad in a tea store, you should see me in an antique store! I could (and have) spend hours meandering the aisles of antique stores, perusing items, waiting for something to jump up and scream my name.

What five things make you happy?


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