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June 11, 2009

Changing POV from third to first and back again?

GAH! I'm not even sure what this is called other than changing POV...

But I'm writing this story in third person. However, at the end of chapter one, main character agrees to tell the other characters her story to explain what has happened in her life to make her reach the point where she is now.

Since I intend to use the next couple of chapters (tentatively) for her to tell the story, I thought to use first person, since SHE is telling the story... that I think about it, it does seem a bit...pretentious and "newbie" like. Mostly because I've seen it called that, so now I'm doubting myself.

So, should I go ahead with it, with the intention of having a copy of that section written in third person, in case I'm laughed out of the writing field for attempting it, or go ahead and take the first step into doing something different? (At least, different to me. I can't find an example of this and I don't remember reading an example of this.)

Example of changing the POV...

End of chapter one:

"You better start at the beginning."

She pondered her choices. Should she trust them? They HAD taken her in. Finally, she nodded as she sat down.

"All right."

Chapter Two

I met him at the local dive, "The MeatMarket".

Of course, from here on out, it's first person since she's telling them the story/reliving it.

I'm torn between keeping it third person...BUT since it's retelling/reliving for so long, as in it's ONLY in her POV for that chapter or two, it'd end up being one hell of a long dialogue/soliloquy.

See where I'm pulling my hair out? LOL.

OH! And the retelling IS important to the story but I didn't want it to be info-dump/prologue backstory in the beginning of the story. I KNOW that it could be considered info-dump since she's going to be telling it to the guys without them asking questions to break it up...

OOO....I think I just answered my own question. I probably SHOULD keep it third person and have the guys interject with questions and it's not the dreaded info-dump of backstory.



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