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June 29, 2009

Twitter: Removing Blocked

If you look up above this box, you will notice that I use Twitter. While it does have some plusses, it definitely has some draw backs. One of which is either a bug or a new feature of Twitter that NO ONE likes and Twitter has yet to address.

You can block people you don't want to follow you but they remain in your followers' list, which I absolutely, with a passion, cannot stand. When I block them, I want them GONE. Twitter refuses to address this issue, refuses to acknowledge something's wrong with it, and closes out any support tickets in regards to it. That is, if you can find HOW to send them a complaint. Their support page is VERY confusing and contacting them is a pain in the ass.

BUT, there is a way around it and you can do it yourself. It's a pain, a little labor intensive, but it WORKS.

Here goes:

Go to Settings. Scroll down to bottom. Check “Protect My Updates”. Click Save. (Trust me.)

Then, click Followers. All of your followers will come up. Right side of list is a Remove button. Click Remove on each you want gone.

When done cleaning house & you’re happy, click on Settings again. Scroll down and UNCHECK “Protect My Updates. Click Save.

And there you have it. Do this once a week or so to manage that pesky list until Twitter pulls head outta ass and fixes the bug.

There you have it.

Have fun. =)


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