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June 24, 2009

The rant I made on Twitter...

Here, in its entirety...

No, I wouldn't want to follow a "celebrity", like Oprah or Ashton Kutcher unless we had something in common & they actually followed first. I've never been one to follow big names because of their big names. They're just people, same as me. Star status? Big whoop. I've never asked for autographs from those I've met, never treated them differently than any other person. Don't care what they are. Some of them have been total asshats, I've met. Don't care you make millions, don't care you're on the screen. Treat me like a human and I'll do the same to you. I'm not a suck up sycophant and I refuse to be one. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. I met Henry Winkler once, walking down the street of Victoria BC. Was introduced to him, shook hands, said it was a pleasure to meet him, then continued on my way. Never acted like an idiot, never asked for autograph or a picture with him. Less than a minute in his presence. I just cannot understand why some stars demand special treatment or why some fans are bat-guano insane about them. Or worse, the characters they portray, OR the characters they write about. Yes, there are times I will use characters for fantasies...mental vacations...but I don't write fan fiction, or believe they really exist outside of the books, or want to know everything as though they're real people. It's just crazy to me. Ok, ending rant now. Sorry.

Ought to clarify. Never walked up to a celebrity/author on the street/in public for an autograph. Book signings are different.


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