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June 18, 2009


Did not win the writing contest to get on a Writer's group. Between my writing getting me into the final part, and my questionnaire failing me in an epic proportion, I was not one of the three.

Ahh, well. I'll keep plugging away with my writing and hope I can find a group somewhere close to home, or online.

Pierce County Library system replied to my query about writing groups and told me to go to Tacoma, there was a group that meets at Borders there. No, thanks. The point of contacting them with the query was to find a group close to home, like the South Hill or Sumner branch.

The Puyallup library does not have an adult group but is interested in having one. They can't offer a staff member to help the group, but they can help with providing space and references for helping us, guiding us. I'm actually considering starting a group at the Puyallup library, although I'm not sure for how long as we MAY be moving.

The reply email stated:

1. Work with you around your thoughts about the kind of group to start and where we might advertise

2. Advertise the formation of a group in our newsletter and we provide space. Once a week might be too much, but that could be discussed

3. We would need your help to disseminate the information (fliers at strategic spots)

So, not sure what to do there. I'm not a good leader. I wouldn't know how to run a group. Add in the fact that I have no idea how long I'll be here in this location, you can see the dilemma.

Of course, after receiving the "you lost" email, I received email from someone giving me feedback on my writing.

Dear Isobael.
You are the best writer I have come across here, and in any other site!!!
I love your stories and the supernatural nature is my kind of story.
Thank you so much for your gift.
May your creative genius keep growing!!!
(Name withheld for privacy)

I think the Universe likes to keep balance. One bad, one good.

Now, breakfast is done and back into Lilian and Matthias' spat.


Moonlight & Madness
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Word Count Chap #2: 6,035

Word Count Chap #3: 1,875 so far
Total Word Count: 13,572 so far


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