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May 28, 2014

So, I get to live another year...

Had blood work done. My levels are awesome for a fat chick. First, I better clarify. When I started working at Harbor Place, 2+ years ago, I weight 276 pounds. As of two days ago, I'm at 209 pounds, although i seem to fluctuate between 209 to 212 pounds. Last week, I went in to see a doctor. Technically, it was a followup for my bladder infection and UTI, but I had also wanted to establish a primary care routine. She told me to fast for 10 hours and then come back in the morning, for blood work, and we'll get that rolling since I'd never had anything checked. Heck, hadn't even seen a doctor since my hysterectomy, nearly 10 years ago.

So, I got the results. Everything was on the low end, although I do need to work on my good cholesterol as even that was low (39 when they want to see me at least 49 or above). Bad cholesterol was at 93.0 (they want me under 130) My sodium is at 137 (they want me between 135-145), and my A1C is at 4.8 and they want me under 5.7 (if I was diabetic, they'd want me under 7.0). My glucose was at 70.0 and they want me between 60 to 105 fasting, and 70-114 non fasting. So, I'm trying to get my good cholesterol up. One of the things I found online was refrigerator oatmeal. It is AWESOME! It's so easy to do, no cooking required.

You can do with or without the chia seeds as they are a bit spendy. Mine has the seeds.

Even the hubby and the kidlet loved it. I have a feeling I'm going to need more jars and lids so we ALL can have a quick and easy, yet HEALTHY, breakfast. I grab and go, eating mine at work when I first get there and it lasts me all day (1/2 pint jar). 

Other than that, I'm still working. I'm still a cook. I'm still in the beginning stages of a midlife crisis. 

Now, if only I could find some way to get back into writing again...


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