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August 2, 2014

Went to bed last night with a headache brewing. Went on all night. Went to work this morning with a migraine so bad that even turning my head too quickly sent me running to the bathroom with dry heaves. I had half the lights shut off in the kitchen because they were like ice picks stabbing into my brain. Luckily, my awesome honey brought me some coffee, which helped immensely. When the Boss came in, he looked around and was like, "Why are the lights off?" So I told him. He said I better not call out tomorrow or he'll track me down. LOL. I told him if I didn't call out this morning, I won't call out tomorrow. He said, "Way to man up!" about coming in today.

Scottish meat pies and shortbread for lunch today. It must have passed muster as Boss said, "You should have a migraine more often." I asked why, and his reply was, "Your food is better and you're more on top of things."

He was teasing, of course...

I do need to learn to build flavors better, but that comes with experience and trial and error, he said. For someone who's only been a cook since April, I'm on track and doing fine. Now, he's changing the menu a bit to challenge me, make me think and explore a bit with cooking. While I do get a little stressed sometimes, I'm learning to run the kitchen, not let it run me, like Boss reminds me. When I'm slammed with grill orders, I don't freak out...I take them one server at a time. Slower, yes, but the residents don't need their food OMG RIGHT NOW! like they think, and hey, grill orders take 15 minutes to do. So, why should I stress out?


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