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August 5, 2014

Last week, an old friend invited me to go dancing with her and one of her friends, on Sunday, whose birthday they were celebrating. I hemmed and hawed over it before finally giving in and saying yes. Why did I hem and haw? Because it's been about 17 years since I've been to any sort of club to dance and I have social anxiety. Plus, I'm fat and I don't want to be stared at by a bunch of skinny people looking at me in horror. Social anxiety...gotta love it. NOT.

 And...we went to a club called Kremwerk. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun. But of course, when you play too hard, you pay the piper. I was sicker than a dog before we even left the club, but my friend took me back to her place and put me to bed. I left in the morning feeling all right, head achey, slightly nauseous, but on the way home, got the spins again...and came home to Spike's care, who put me in the shower, made me toast (I took one bite and gave up) made me sip some water, and then I went to sleep off the hangover. I woke up five hours later feeling much better, and finished the toast he left me, but still could not handle regular food as the taste was off. I met so many nice people there...many of which I don't remember their names because I am horrible like that, but we want to make it a once a month thing (without so many lemon drops!) and I'm all for it. I just won't drink so much (see: AT ALL). LOL. Ahh, has been a LONG time since I was that stupid...and it'll be a long time ever again...but I still can go and enjoy myself with the dancing. Yes, I did dance. Liquid courage, but still...I think I could do it without...

 The music was a mix of 80's and 80's industrial...and if you've ever been to the Catwalk in Seattle, it has the same feel. At least, it did to me. We had some industrial gothlings, some quasi Victorian goths, some people dressed in normal street clothes, and it was perfect.

 Gonna take the hubby too...he might not dance, but I will! And I want to make some bustle skirts to wear with my fascinators...and get all gussied up to go. I miss the goth style I had before...and I miss going out.


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