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March 19, 2010

Oops... =)

So, tonight I've been alone. Spike took our daughter down to Olympia to some friends' place and I stayed home to do some writing.

Come dinner time, I was going to go and get something to eat. A treat for myself. Well, I got a wild hair to go to Michael's (if you don't have one, you are missing out! It's an awesome craft store!) and I ended up spending my food money on stuff to use for my contests.  Oops!

All I have to say is that my first contest is gonna have some kick ass goodies. =) We just have to wait until I reach 50 followers before I can hold my contest.

The new story is coming along. I finished chapter one last night. It's a little on the short side for word count, less than I'd like, but I've gone through it a couple of times and can't really find a spot I can add to without junking it up. I might make a couple more passes through it just to see what I can tweak. the end of chapter one is awesome. Has a dream sequence with a sword fight. *Grin*

I SOOOOO can't wait for this new story to get written and submitted. If it goes for publishing, I have LOADS of ideas for creating a contest prize for it. LOL...

Yes, getting ahead of myself there. =)


StarryGirl said...

Nice to see you got over the slump - you sound so excited! Looking forward to hearing more (and reading it as well).

Piedmont Writer said...

Good for you, sounds like progress. I LOVE Michaels.