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March 15, 2010

Tea order!

Our tea order came today!

Hehehe. I say "Our" when I mean "Mine". I'm the big tea drinker in the house. =)

Today's order...

English Breakfast Blend 1/4LB
English Breakfast Blend 1/4LB
Earl Grey De La Creme 1/4LB 
Earl Grey Royal 1/2OZ
China Lichee 1/2OZ
Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea 1/2OZ
Vanilla with Finest Madagascar Vanilla 1/2OZ
Cocoa Cardamom Tango 1/2OZ
Holiday Dream 1/2OZ
Chocolate Cream with Cocoa Pieces 1/2OZ

I love those 1/2OZ sample bags. You can't beat a pot and a half of tea for a $1.00...and to try out the tea to make sure we like it is great.

Like, we're now drinking the China Lichee. We've discovered that it's not all that great. It's not bad, just not our...well...cup of tea. LOL. So, we won't be ordering it again. Out a $1.00. That's it.

I love Earl Grey De La Creme...Mmmm...


morseren said...

I just love you tea posts. Being an avid tea drinker I always appreciate the reviews of the tea you like. I have placed another order with SpecialTeas and am going to try the Earl Grey De La sounds so wonderful. I love Earl Grey...Gypsy Teas makes one with lavender that is nice.

Yay for Tea!

Isobael Liu said...

It's my favorite of the Earl Grey's. Has a soft touch, smoother taste. At least, to me, it does.

Spike doesn't like it very much, but then he likes the strong bergamot flavor of Earl Grey.

Yay for SpecialTeas! LOL

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