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March 25, 2010

New Look...

It's Spring, time for some Spring Cleaning.

With that, we did a little changing of the look to the blog. =)

With the new banner, I also have a little button people can use for links.  Just link back to this blog.

Anyway, still reworking the plot for my new story. Major revisions there. However, I think it's a better story. =)

Oh, well, bed time for me. Five a.m. comes early for me when I need to get the hubby off to school by six.

Thank you, new followers. =) Feel free to chime in and comment on anything you read. Tell your friends to join! LOL.


Piedmont Writer said...

I like the new banner. Pretty.

Isobael Liu said...

Thanks! I have a lot of fun making them. =)

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