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March 29, 2010

Random Babbling...

When I was in Taiwan, I bought a book. It was the only book that wasn't a kid's book, in English. It was called "Dream of the Red Chamber". I read that book a few times while I was in Taiwan, but I was 14, so I didn't understand the story beneath the story, nor the mythology beneath and behind the story.

I'm not sure where that book went, but I'm looking to replace it. I think amazon had a copy and I could order it from Borders. I heard there was a miniseries made from it, but I think I'll stick with the book.  TV and movie adaptations usually suck. LOL

My new story idea is coming along. There just isn't a whole lot of info on Chinese faeries. So, I'm making it up as I go. Gotta love being a writer. =)

I really dislike the name translator things online. I know what my name looks like in Chinese, but when I do it online, the results are way off.  I'm trying to find my name correctly written. I've found the first two symbols, but the last two I've not been able to find.

Apparently, most sites say this is my name:

 Nope. It's not. Actually, the first set of symbols in my name are:

I can't find the last set of symbols.

Actually, here's what it sort of looks like, hand written. Don't mind my handwriting. I suck.

I do know the first two symbols mean heavenly, or faerie, or immortal...

My name stamp, using Old Chinese writing looks like:

Yeah, I couldn't remember if Kwan Yin had to face toward me or away from me, when I stamped, so the stamp is the same, just seen both right side and upside down.

This is my name stamp:


J Hali said...

Hi Isobael, very interesting post and I'm glad I popped in. I've tried some of those translator sites for Serbian phrases and found them confusing. Good luck with finding faerie information. Sounds like your next story is going to be an awesome read!

morseren said...

How interesting:)

The book you mention sounds very intriguing. You will have to post a review of it when you have read it again.

Wonderful name stamp!

Rebecca W.

Isobael Liu said...

J Hali:

Thanks! I need to pick my mom's brain some more about Chinese faeries. Just not a whole lot about them, as technically, they're not "faeries" as we are used to thinking of them. However, being a writer and author, we can make stuff up as we go. LOL.


Certainly. It's a very classic story, and I remember I enjoyed it when I was younger. I can't wait to get a copy of it again.

Piedmont Writer said...

My mother had a name stamp made for me when she went to China in the 80's. The cover was a Tiger but I'll have to find the actual stamp. I think it's at her house.

What about Amy Tan? Would she have any Chinese faeries in her work? I can't remember, it's been so long since I've read her.

Isobael Liu said...

Piedmont Writer:

You know, I don't think I've ever read anything by her. weird. I'll have to look into that.

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