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February 2, 2010


I'm writing the second story to "Moonlight and Magick". One of the characters in the first book wants needs her story told.

So I'm typing away when everything comes to a screeching halt. She's rebelling. She can't stand the hero. She can't stand the path I've set for her. He's packed his things and left. I'm left with a spoiled brat of a character and no story.

Ok, fine. I give her the reins and tell her to giddy up. All of a sudden, she has a new set of abilities (thank goodness I never mentioned any of it in the first book!), a new hero to torture make romance with (he's TOTALLY different than the first hero I had), and a new story idea.

Maresse is now as happy as a lark. Of course, SHE would be, she doesn't have to write the damn thing. I'm left with having to start over, and the hero is sitting back, giving both of us odd looks. He doesn't know what to do with her at this point. She's not what he expected and little clues keep popping up as to WHAT she is, let alone WHO she is.

Of course, he's also wary since it was her idea to have someone trying to kill him. (Her idea to write the plot...not her idea as she hired someone to do it.)

That's a good idea!

*wrestles KB back from Maresse* Stop it! No, you can't hire someone to kill your romantic interest. It wouldn't be a romance!

At least I'm into chapter three and 9,500 words.


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