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February 12, 2010


So, I'm shopping for a new hair style. If you know anything about me, it's I can't stick with one hairstyle for very long BUT I always return to my fave hair style after a while. LOL.

Here, see what I mean?

So, I'm looking for a new style. Hell, been looking for a couple of months. I think I have it narrowed down though.

This is one option:

I like the short length of the style on the right BUT with the fringy bangs framing the face like in Jen's pic.

Option two is:

I LOVE the hairstyle on the left. My face shape is more like the center, but I like the length on the right.
What do you think?


Wendy Marcus said...

I love the haircut in the middle. My problem is, even if my haircut turns out like the picture I bring to the salon, it NEVER looks like the picture the next day.
Good luck!
Wendy Marcus

Isobael Liu said...

Wendy: LOL! Mine neither! My paternal grandmother was a stylist, my paternal aunt is a stylist. My sister is a stylist. Me? It skipped me entirely. I can't style my own hair. So, my criteria for a hairstyle is: It must fit my face shape and it must be easy to style on my own.

That limits a LOT of styles. LOL.

Wendy Marcus said...

You express your creativity with words instead of a scissors!

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