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February 22, 2010

State of Isobael...

Had the hubby home since Friday. He starts his LPN classes on Wednesday and his last final was on Wednesday or Thursday for his pre-reqs, so he's had time home.

Hubby home is not writing conducive. He's distracting. LOL.

I've been working with my Kestrel as well. She's a good, old bird. stubborn and set in her ways, definitely a challenge for me. Still, I think we're doing well. My sponsor says we're coming along fine. I need to get her on starlings but they're hard to get a hold of here.

"Dead of Night" is coming along. I'm in chapter seven right now. I don't like how the word count isn't there though. I'm only at 33,683 words.

Still only 24 followers. When I reach 50 here, I'll hold my first contest.

I saw that I can add extra pages onto my blog. I've added a couple new pages. If you have a blog and want a link here, let me know. =)

Ok, dinner and then I'm plugging in the headphones and getting to writing.


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