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February 27, 2010

Regency novels and movies...

I have been on a big Regency era kick.

Netflix has become my bestest friend lately and I've pretty much DEVOURED the Regency period movies, as in ALL of Jane Austen's novels turned movies, a couple of other movies set in the Regency period.

So far, I have seen:

Pride and Prejudice (I own the Kiera Knightly version but my ALL TIME FAVE is the BBC version with Colin Firth - Mr. Yummy as I call him!)

Mansfield Park

Becoming Jane (with Anne Hathaway - very good film.)

Sense and Sensibility



Northanger Abbey

Wives and Daughters (LOVED this movie...)

Look into these! Especially Becoming Jane and Wives and Daughters. Oh, and if you're like'll want to have some tissue on hand.



Piedmont Writer said...

Hi, I found you via the yahoo romance group.

I love your blog and read a few posts. I hear you on the car woes. And line edits seems a daunting task.

I write regency romance, dabble in contemporary and am now finding my dark side.

I've seen most of the movies on your list, LOVE Persuasion and am looking forward to Finding Jane.
Colin Firth is FINE!!!!

Isobael Liu said...


I've been wanting to write a historical, Regency or Victorian era, but the research aspect to me seems both very daunting AND very distracting. I could see myself becoming very caught up in the research and losing time on the book! LOL.

Becoming Jane is a biography of Jane Austen's life and how she opted a life of spinsterhood rather than watch it and see. =)

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