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February 21, 2010

My Query Letter

This was through email, so there's no letterhead.

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Dear (Publisher),

I am submitting "Moonlight and Magick" to you. It's a completed novel at 75,000 words. I've written it with the idea of it being Paranormal Romance. Currently, you are the first and only publishing company it's being offered to at this time, so there are no multiple submissions for this title.

Lilian Quinn has started a new life in the remote town of Hawk's Point, in Washington state. No one knows about her strange abilities, or her having escaped from a secret organization, which used people and their abilities to create their own genetically enhanced army. All she wants is to live a quiet life, as normal as possible, even if it means living a lie.

Matthias Romulus is the Alpha of the Romulus Clan, a pack of werewolves that can trace their heritage back to the beginning of Rome. From the very moment he bumped into her, and getting drenched in ice water and iced tea in the process, he knew Lilian was for him. There's just something about her that calls to him.

If Custodes Secreti agents weren't enough, Lilian's ex-boyfriend, Stephan, a sadistic, cruel man, wants her back and has tracked her down. He'll kill anyone who gets in his way. Add in the strange dreams she's been having about a Huntsman, a White Stag, and the strange symbol that appeared on her palm, well, she has one heck of a problem.

While this is my first novel, I have had a few of my poems published in a few anthologies. (I listed a few credits here, which no longer really apply anymore so I won't list them here.)

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Real Name

Isobael Liu


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