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February 25, 2010


As you can see, I've been playing with Blogger.

The templates Blogger comes with are too basic, but I don't like any of the other templates I've found.

Blogger's coding system SUCKS for non coding people, like me, and I have a program that is suppose to make it easy for non coding people to make a template but even that is a bit beyond me. It's not very user friendly and I don't like the options it has.

Yes, I'm that picky. =)

So, I've been scouring the interweb to find tutorials on how to tweak Blogger a bit. I'm also still trying to figure out the code to Blogger (I do not do XML!) in order to make such tweaks. So far, I've managed what you see on the page.

I would LOVE to see a program like Frontpage work with XML/XHTML...

In the meantime...

Just sent round two of line edits back to my editor. Slowly, whittling the words down BUT it's tightening the story up quite a bit. I'm down to 71,700 some words now. *wipes brow*

Welcome new followers! I noticed I picked up three. =) 13 more to 50! *Dances*

Other than that, everything's pretty good. Working on "Dead of Night", although it's starting to drag. Need to figure out where I lost it again. "Moonlight and Mist" is stalled, although I know where it went wrong. I'm going to strip that back to the very beginning and start over. While I adore the hero of the story and what he is, there's a sudden influx of dragons in the paranormal romance genre and I won't be contributing to that influx. So, Maresse and I are holding auditions for a Hero. =)

I'm also working on editing and rewriting "Beyond Words". I have a feeling this is going to end up being a series.


Theeo123 said...

I've had pretty good luck with templates fro ma few of the following sites. admittedly blogers template system is pretty restrictive, it's why i'm considering a changeto word press but these might help

Synderryn said...

I blame you (Isobael), because the first two things that popped into my head after you said

So, Maresse and I are holding auditions for a Hero. =)

were the song "I Need A Hero" and Jett :p

Isobael Liu said...

Thanks for the heads up. Seen them...did not like the templates or how un-user friendly they are.

I'm picky, I know, but I want to be able to control the look myself, create it myself without having to jump through all the hoops.

LOL...Not sure Maresse would do well with Jett. He's such a player. LOL. =P

Theeo123 said...

*nods vigorously* The one on my Blog now is one of theres, and it's a pain in the but, but at least it looks half decent.

I'm at the crossroads because unfortunately, a move to blogger would give me more control, more freedom especialy design wise, but I'd lose a significant feature set. certain things I've got on blogger, just can't be done on wordpress either because of the lack of capability or because of their terms of service.

Granted if I ran my own server and could upload wordpress there instead of using their hosting, id get at leat some back but still *shrug* I remain undecided and am currently opting for staying with blogger simple because I'm lazy :)

Isobael Liu said...

I have an account on wordpress but I can't stand the way it does not let me do what I want with it. I don't like categories and want to get rid of the option, but can't. I hate the templates. I do like the way it's set up to be like a webpage, with different pages.

Using it is not user friendly though. I've tried to get through it but I always come back to Blogger. It's simpler to use.

Again, it's the control aspect. Just call me the domme. LOL.

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