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February 4, 2010

Gmail signature files...

Since Gmail doesn’t allow hyperlinks in signature files, there’s a way around it. We all know promoting ourselves is hard enough without having a signature file clunky with web addresses, so hyperlinks makes things so much prettier…

If you use Firefox, you can download an add on that will make your life easier.


Do whatever Firefox wants you to do to install the add on.

When Firefox restarts, you should see a stamp icon on the bottom right of your browser screen, above the taskbar. (On my screen, it’s above my clock.)

Click on it.

Click on Edit signature.

Fill it all out however you want.

Click ok

Then open your Gmail account. Your signature file should be inserted automatically.

You can also right click in your compose window and click on insert signature. =)

What’s great about this little program is that not only can you do hyperlinks, it allows you to embed other account links, like Twitter, Blogger, etc etc etc. All your readers have to do it click on the Twitter icon and it takes them to your profile page. Neat, huh? No more fifteen line signatures with all your links!


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