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September 26, 2009

Social Anxiety Sucks...

You ever get the feeling you did something wrong, or insulted or offended someone, but you can't remember ever doing it, but you know or feel something happened because people you thought were friends are pulling away, barely talk to you, or want anything to do with you anymore?

Yeah, I'm getting that feeling.

I don't know anymore. It's getting to the point where I'm on the edge of closing myself off because I don't understand people anymore. I don't know what people want from me. Maybe I'm not the friend type. Maybe because I don't have the money to go out or travel or do things they can do.

Sad, isn't it?

Social anxiety sucks.


RKCharron said...

Hi Isobael :)
I get that too.
Right now I feel that way about Twitter. Used to be able to chat with people there and have great back & forths, now I feel somewhat invisible.
All the best Isobael,
Have a wonderful weekend,

Isobael Liu said...


Yeah. It's like the newness has worn off and the honeymoon is over. LOL

It's been that way for me for a couple of weeks - the invisibility.

Course, it SHOULD be a good thing. Less distractions for writing, but...I feel like I did something wrong and no one's willing to tell me what I did.

I just have to remember that the term "friend" means different things to different people.


All the best to you too.

DakotaBlue said...

Hi Isobael :)
I dont really know you (yet) but I soooo know how you are feeling. Depression has been a constant companion in the last years interrupted by some good periods. Now I found out that Im bipolar. Im working on myself, changing...and some friends cant get along with it or need more time to get used to my new me...only time will tell.
In the last weeks I couldnt work on my book at all (was like hell for me) but now Im sure this phase will soon be over.
Wishing you all the best. Always hold on to your dreams. There will be better times, Im sure =)

Isobael Liu said...


Welcome to my blog!

I've suffered Depression for many years now. Looking back on my life, I can pretty much point to the time it started. While I'm not bi-polar, I also deal with someone close to me who is.

It does seem like it comes in phases, doesn't it? I get my moments where everything is so bleak and there's no hop...and then something will renew my vigor to write, to push my determination into overdrive so that I can achieve my goal. I've spent the last week ignoring the current WiP so I know how you feel there.

Thanks for the well wishes and same to you! There are plenty of people out there in the same boat as us and we're taught to keep it private, but I'm not going to bury it. I want others to know they aren't alone and the better we're aware of Depression and social anxiety, the easier we can support one another.


CLJ said...

I'm just really bad about keeping in touch with people, but I try!!!

DakotaBlue said...

Thanks =)

You are definitely right: Keeping it private doesn't help anybody... Had a tough time to accept it first but now I think I can deal with it. And I'm getting to know myself better each and every day. A whole new experience for me...

See ya on Twitter and your blog

Phil said...

Yes social anxiety does really suck!

I had it for years.

**But mine is better now (has really reduced down a lot). It didn't go away by itself though (I wish it would have but it didn't).

It was hard for me to get help for it but what finally has helped me enormously is going to Social Anxiety Anonymous support groups (

It doesn't cost anything (is all volunteer run so you just go to the groups and their is NO charge at all). I have been tremendously helped by them...

They also have free literature at:

Plus you don't have to talk in the groups (you can just listen). Its a very gentle approach (no pressuring).

Best, Phil :-)

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