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September 28, 2009

Catching up and determination...

Been busy trying to write a synopsis from my plot point outline, line by line. I'll go back through this and edit out unnecessaries. It's very difficult, even with the story finished and having a plot point outline on hand.

Also trying to recuperate from the ick. Doesn't help I'm up late writing and working. Will have to grab a nap later while I have the house to myself. Spike's off to his nursing class and Pixie-Brat off to school soon. Blessed silence!

Still have the cough and sniffles, congestion, but I'm not dying, which I'm glad to report. The ick mixed with depression doesn't help either.

Renewed my determination and drive in becoming published. Will NOT allow my failings, my Depression to defeat me before I've begun to fight.

Shite happens in life. If I have to wade through the manure, struggle through the bramble, & cry tears of blood to see myself published, so be it. I am prepared. I'm prepared to do it alone if I have to, but I'm going to be published before I die.


CLJ said...

You're not alone!!! Nope, not at all. I'll sit here and kick you in the booty if it helps you get through the manure and brambles if you want. :0) And you know I'm always good for impatient foot tapping and an encouraging word or ten too!

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