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September 5, 2009

Beta Readers...

So, just sent off two messages to a couple of readers, asking if they'd like to be my beta readers.

I probably shouldn't have asked "fans" of mine, but these two have always given great feedback, asked questions, pointed out things they didn't like, and not always the usual, "OMIGOD! I lovelovelove what you wrote!" type of stuff.

I feel like I'm begging for readers. LOL.

Now, i need to come up with a list of questions for them to keep in mind if they do agree to be beta readers.


My writing deals mostly with supernatural, paranormal, and horror/fantasy/non-human. I have one novel that I've just finished revising and editing.

My goal is to see if it can be submitted for publishing.

So, what I need is for them to read it in entirety and answer a few questions for me. No need to edit.

What I need is someone to point out plot holes, where it needs some more explaining, point out weaknesses, etc.

Back to working on WiP2.


CLJ said...

Use the list of q's you sent to me. They are the perfect q's for them to be asking themselves while they read.

Isobael Liu said...


Good idea. I totally forgot about those.

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