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September 19, 2009

Catching Up Some...

Played hooky from writing yesterday. In fact, was away from the computer all day. Had some errands to run and Spike and I needed some much downtime.

With all the stress going on with him laid off from work and trying to get into a nursing program, not being able to pass the algebra part of the compass test (I want to know WHY algebra is required to get into the program, or to get into college. Unless you're going to teach the cursed thing, or work in a field where it's necessary, I think it's one big scam in order to make you pay for extra classes. Why should I be required to pass algebra on the compass test if I want to become a secretary? Spike hasn't had to touch it for 23 years and now he has to pass it in order to get into the nursing program.)

So off to the library to get books to study algebra. We also got to spend some quality time with one another. Much physical affection, which was very much needed as well.

So, "Dead of Night" is still in chapter six. I have about 1000 more words to finish the chapter, a couple more plot points to deal with before I can move on.

I am noticing, however, that while the writing is slower, there's a better flow to the words and much less mistakes being made in writing them. So that's good.

Literotica rejected chapter three twice. Once because I gave a link in the chapter's notes to my readers. The second because, while I removed the link, I mentioned visiting my blog. It's bullshit, but I guess it's not allowed to mention any other site other than Literotica on Literotica. *Rolls eyes* So, chapter three has been submitted yet AGAIN and is pending approval.


Synderryn said...

That's BS, as far as both Compass AND Literotica go. Is it over at SOL? Any problems there? And if you need any help, I'm willing and available to try.

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