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September 11, 2009


"Dead of Night" is slowly getting there.

I just finished chapter five. Have not really gone over it to correct passive sentences and whatnot, but it can wait a bit.

The introduction of three new characters sort of took me aback. Originally supporting characters, they were meant for information sharing and idea bouncing, but they've seemed to have moved up from supporting cast to secondaries. One, especially.

He's already started to make himself quite known and is demanding more "screen" time. I have a feeling this will be quieted only with the promise of a second book with him as the main character. He's an arrogant bastard, but I already have an idea of who just might be able to tame him. *grin*

Whiteboard has been erased and chapter six's notes are up.

Note to self: use euphemisms or code on the whiteboard as 11 year old daughter does read it.

Post Script to self: This is why you need a room of your own to be just your office. Win Lotto for this.

Post Post Script to self: Get published.

Nothing back from the Beta Readers. Not sure if this is a good thing.

Ankle is doing better. I can walk without a major limp. If I step on it a certain way or put too much pressure on it, my foot hurts, but otherwise it's doing much better than my "omigodsI'mgonnadie" limping I did yesterday. Course, it didn't help that I walked two, three blocks from the parking spot to Bates Technical College with Spike either. Or maybe it did help as my foot is better today. Hmmm.

My elbow is aching though. Deep bone bruise, I'm pretty sure. I thought I only skinned my elbow on the wall, but I may have in fact actually smacked my elbow against the wall and then slid down and skinned it. Swollen.

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