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September 21, 2009

La la la...

40 more days until NanoWriMo! *dances*

Chapter three of "Dead of Night" was posted at Literotica. Only one person commented on it. Twice. LOL. Still finishing up chapter six.

Spike started his nursing class today. He has two weeks to pass his compass algebra test though. *sigh*

Coming down with the sniffles. Depression dragging me down this past couple of weeks. Been medicating myself with Amanda Quick books. =)

Reading Pet Peeve #1: Books/stories about vampires and werewolves becoming lovers and/or having cross bred children.


I read the Twilight series, right up to book four where Bella becomes pregnant and the book hit the wall and then the floor with not so satisfying thuds. The story and plot became too stupid to be believed.

Underworld...great action, plot was ok...until Scott becomes this vampire werewolf hybrid.

*Beats head into wall*


ETA: You can find "Dead of Night" posted on Literotica at

Chapters 1-3 are up for reading.


Synderryn said...

Breaking Dawn is worth getting through, if only to see the showdown with the Volturi, and to meet other vampires that have never come up in the series before (the amazons were fairly awesome).

It seems like Meyer tried to do some research on the matter though (or at least it kinda seems like it). She at least gives the whole pregnancy thing a semi-plausible excuse nearer the end of the book.

At any rate, I liked Breaking Dawn better than New Moon though. And in BD, you get to see quite a lot through Jacob's perspective.

The Host was a good read, if you ever want to try that. Meyer's only non-twilighty thing. She ought to work on something else but instead, her next book Midnight Sun is going to be Twilight all over again, but from Edward's POV.

But yeah...vampires having kids? With anything? Tends to dound like bad fan fiction right off the cuff. I can think of limited situations where it might conceivably be okay, but that's probably only because I'm trying to justify to myself why Jett has kids. :) He misses Bael, btw.

Pet Peeves about vampire stores.
1. We can go out in daylight!
2. We can has families!

The daylight thing annoys me the most.

Isobael Liu said...

There's enough mythology to give credence to daylight. Even Dracula was able to go out in daylight, albeit he was much weakened by it. I can see daylight.

I can NOT see sparkly vamps. =)

I also cannot see them having children. I can see them creating them through Embrace/changing/ whatever term you want to use. I can see them having sex...but not procreation via sexual ways.

I couldn't get past it. I tried...I tried...and then no way. Couldn't do it. It was just too stupid for me.


And Bael misses Jett. =)

Synderryn said...

I swear I left a comment. Blogspot, did you eated it?

Synderryn said...

Blogspot must have eated it. I was trying to tell you about how I had tried writing about Jett, but got to a certain point and failed. He didn't wanna talk to me anymore :( At least that's what it seemed like.

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