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September 4, 2009


I am so in love with my laptop again.

I've had it for three years and the moment I brought it home. I HATED Vista on it though. With a passion, I hated Vista and to this day, still do. Won't touch it. It's slow and bulky and I think that computers that come with it ought to have two hard drives installed, one just for vista and one for our stuff.

Anyway, needless to say, Vista was stripped from the laptop and XP Pro was installed. I love my XP Pro. LOVELOVELOVE.

Ok, back to the point. After three years, the inevitable happens. The KB becomes worn and slowly dies.

It used to be that the keys were made with the lettering built in and not "painted" on. It used to be that those keys would break and fall apart before the lettering would come off. Not anymore. Now, the lettering is painted on and when you use a KB for a long period of time, that lettering comes off.

I also type very fast. When I know what I'm typing, I can type up to 100 words per minute if I'm not distracted. So, pounding away on those keys have left divets in them from my nails. Add in the E key having been punctured and wasn't registering every time it was hit, you can imagine the hell it was to try and write.

So, after three years, my laptop has a new keyboard. And it's beautiful. And the angels sang in the heavens and I think I have a mini orgasm every time I type on it because it's so smooth and the keys work and I can see the letters on the keys and it's just perfect.

Oh, joy! Oh, rapture!


Want proof? Click on the picture to open it. You'll see in detail of what I was writing with before the new KB.


CLJ said...

holy crap woman! I didn't realize it was THAT bad.

What's the new kb look like?

Isobael Liu said...

Looks like the original, just no divets, worn spots, or holes. =) It still feels "rough" beneath my fingertips and it's so pretty...

LOL. I love rubbing my finger pads over the keys just to feel that new texture.

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