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August 31, 2009

My writing area...

Every writer knows they need a spot to call their own, a place in which they can sit down and write. A place in which they can dump all their creative juices into, onto.

Normally, my desk is a MESS. I have my outlines spread out on the table, pages I've printed out from other websites that help beginning writers remember the rules to writing, such as what words to avoid, passive voice examples, etc.

I have my mug of tea, my lamp, my laptop, a place to hold my pens and pencils, office supplies...(*purr* office supplies)

Click to enlarge

My writing area is in a small area of my bedroom. Behind the door, actually, and up against my built in bookcase.

I've marked off what is what in the picture, just enlarge it by clicking on it. =)

So, where is your writing area and do you have pictures of it? Want to share? =)


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