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August 14, 2009


And no, it's not about World of Warcraft.

I just received a full beta read and critique on WiP#1. Can we say, "Oh, wow"?!? It's very daunting, to say the least. I alternate between jumping for joy and sinking deep into despair at the mere thought of having to revise and edit so much of the work.

I suppose all first time writers go through this. The honey moon is over, aspiring author, now the real work begins!

I LOVED the feedback and critiques though. It's very in your face and to the point, but not all negative. It definitely points out where I need to work.

One advice I was given:

Declare war and eliminate the following words & phrases:
-and then
-with that

It was highlighted in my manuscript and I definitely could see the overuse of those words.

This website was pointed out to me. I'll share it with you. I also printed it out to hang on my wall so I can remind myself. =)
Allen Guthrie's Infamous Writing Tips

Daunting, but I'm determined to make this story SHINE!


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