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August 24, 2009

WiP#2 - Bleh!

Suitably titled, I think.

What started out as a great idea and filled with the excitement I normally get when I write, I began my second work.

Life interrupted. It got put on the back burner to simmer. When I managed to come back to it, I reread to catch up on what I had and HATED everything after chapter two.

I just could not figure out WHY.

So, chatting with my peer editor and my own personal Jiminy Cricket when it comes to writing, Connie suggested I send her what I had and she'd take a look.

Lo and behold, the fresh eyes found the problem.

I had no discernible conflict and no obvious motives for the actions.


So, back to the drawing board. Actually, white board. =)

I wrote out the main characters. Four of them. Two Protagonists and one Antagonist, with one that is serving as both.

I then listed out what their conflicts and motivations were.

From there, and three hours later, I had a working outline for the story.

My next step will be to go back and see what I have already written and start cutting. I'll keep what works with the new outline and the rest will be deleted.

Thanks, Connie! And get well soon! =)


CLJ said...

Any time!

I'm starting to feel a bit better, but my sleep schedule is WAY off now, teehee. On the plus side, I think I'll be putting it back on track tonight (since I was up until 3am this morning).

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