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August 13, 2009

WiP1 and WiP2

The first few pages of Moonlight and Madness I've always had a love/hate relationship with. I LOVED it as a prologue because it gave some background information on where Lilian came from, but I hated it because one, the only part she really remembered was what happened after she had been found and her life then and beyond, two, it's really unnecessary as the story stands on its own without it included.

When I took it out as a prologue and made it the beginning of chapter one, I had to rewrite the POV to make it work, but it's still not quite there. It still could be taken out and the story would continue on its own without it. There are too many time jumps, and while they are in chronological order, really, were they absolutely necessary? No.

So, it is with both great sadness and with great joy that I'm going to cut out that section (although I will save it in my notes), and start the story where Lilian is in Hawk's Point.

Of course, this means I'll also have to go in and shore up those parts where she discusses her past in order for readers to see the whole picture. Give those sections greater detail.

Maybe it'll all even out. =)

Secondly, I am NOT a write by the seat of my pants type of writer. This new story I'm working on has had no outline to go by and it's dragging like mad. So, I am most definitely needing an outline.

Chapter three is outlined, which is a plus as that's the chapter I need to finish before Connie finds out where I live and hunts me down. LOL. *Hugs*

Anyway, finishing my cup of tea and I'll be back to writing and working on outlining.


CLJ said...

darn tootin' I will!! I have friends in Seattle darn it and I will find you - sans pitch fork and/or torch...which I keep getting threatened with...but I will chain you to the lap top - hubby be darned! *insert evil laugh here*

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