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August 22, 2009


In a mad dash of frantic scribbling, four pages later, I have the rough outline for the story I'm doing in November and NanoWriMo.

It's going to be very different than my usual pieces, I think. More action. Sword fighting! Vampires! *PURR* Modern day!

I saw you blinking in surprise. *Grin* Yep, it's modern day.

Thought it was going to be fantasy/historical with the vamps and swords, didn't ya?


I can't wait to start it! For now though, I'm going to do some research on a few things. I'll need to block out some sword fighting scenes so hubby and I will have some fun playing with our swords.

I had a lot of fun last night, Twittering with redchassykins and MireyahWolfe.

We ought to do a blog together as we're all aspiring authors. =) We could call it the Absurdly Asinine Aspiring Authors...and we could talk about our journeys into writing and becoming published. *Grin*


Anonymous said...

DUDE!! *squeals*

It's not done yet huh? *facepalm* I have GOT to stop getting excited about books that aren't done yet!!

Oh*evil chuckle*

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