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May 1, 2010

Blessed Bealltainn...

It's May 1st! The newsletter is available on my webpage, or at OR you can have it emailed to you. Just email me at isobael at gmail dot com.

Blessed Bealltainn to all of my Pagan friends. Happy May Day to my non Pagan friends.

Don't forget! Monday is the release of "Moonlight and Magick". =)

Spike upgraded my phone as a congratulations present. =) We handed my NV2 to our daughter who is stoked to get a new phone. We put her on our family plan so now we're not forking out money for a prepay when she doesn't use all of her minutes up in the allotted time. She uses it mostly for texting anyway and on this plan, we have unlimited texting. I don't approve of kids having phones, BUT we do not have a home phone, so this is the safest and easiest route for all of us. My new phone is an LG Chocolate. We had the internet blocked on all of our phones, so no $10 charges every time there's an accidental press of the internet button. Still, it's a gorgeous little phone and I'm getting used to the touch screen. We laid down the rules with her in regards to the now we have leverage. Isn't it fun being a parent, sometimes? We can be evil... "What, you didn't do your homework? No phone for a week." "What? You got in trouble at school? No phone or computer time for a week." MUAHAHAHA.

I finally broke down and got a business license. I guess, in the state of WA, we need a business license to be an author. We're providing a service or product for sale and we get paid for it. I have to get in touch with the city I live in because they may also require other licensing. *Boggle* So, I'm in business for myself now, with the business name "Isobael Liu". LOL. Why, yes, I'm that imaginative. =)

Anyway, back to work. Have a good one, everyone! =)


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